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Please select one of the options below to become a member of Minetown

COMING SOON! Complete the ingame tutorial
1. Connect to the server
2. Use the command:
"/server tutorial"
3. Complete the long tutorial to obtain membership.

Login to this IP:

Submit an application
Simply submit an application and we will review it within 24h!
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Donate for instant
Donate $5 or more and skip the tutorial or application. You will be instantly promoted to our donation ranks
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------------ OUR SERVERS ------------
Agharta ServerMThe mystic world of Agharta featuring a titanic 3000 block diameter spawn town! Probably the largest ever made in Minecraft.Server IP: Creative ServerPWant to show your creativity and building skills ? Or maybe just build something while relaxing or come experience your new build prototype? Well the Creative Server is definitively the place for that!Server IP: PVP ServerPBe prepared to fight for territory and for your life in this faction based PVP server. Join or lead a clan and battle against enemies to conquer territory.Server IP: Pearl ServerPThe Pearl server offers an environmental hard-mode experience. Explore four different worlds with unusual game mechanics.Server IP:
Classic ServerMThe original Minetown world that has been up since October 2010!
The map was never reset, only expanded! The border is now up to 13000 blocks.
Server IP:
Prison ServerPAre you one of the fews who can make it out of the MT Prison? Come find out for yourself! Experience one of the fanciest Prison servers around here at Minetown!Server IP: SkyBlock ServerPDo you have what it takes to survive on a tiny floating island with the bare mininum? Come find out! SkyBlock is a survival challenge in itself, so popular it is almost viewed as a gamemode for some.Server IP: Event ServerMThe Events Server is the place where all sort of activities and events are held by our staff and players.
Stay tuned on the website for events annoucements!
Server IP:

The public worlds can be played by anyone.

You can connect and visit the members worlds without being one.

It is free to become a member, you simply have to submit an application.

You may also donate to skip the application system to become a member instantly.

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