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[Enjin Archive] [Official] Forum Change Log
Started by [E] Crush

Change Log 8-26-2019

Alright. It's been 3 years since the last one of these things. Here we go.

  • Updated Slider Images. They redirect to their subsequent forums.
  • Removed some dead links from the footer, and updated copyright from 2017 to 19
  • Fixed the age old z-index bug on the profile page, where it overlapped your dialog box... it just needed a higher z-index than the navbar. Also styled it to make it not hideous.
  • Somewhat fixed the gallery, it's now readable.
  • Updated some broken stylings for buttons and margins.
  • Removed the stupid enjin mobile app widget on the systempage.
  • Fixed the server status dropdown to accommodate more servers.
  • Fixed the Staff page where we didn't show mod+ or helper anymore because module restrictions. combined all mod types into one module and subcategorized.
  • Made custom top voter graphics for future use.
  • Added a forum icon for the Vanilla Forum
  • Fixed Spoiler boxes being unreadable.
  • Added the favicon back.
  • Added the user profile thing back!
  • Made the playercount fixed because yes.
  • Something secret. Stay tuned i guess

Updated for 08/28/2019

  • Removed banner slider
  • Added logo MOTD
  • Updated header image and navbar style
  • Rearranged some links
  • Brought back the wiki
  • Moved events and social media to the "more" tab.
  • Fixed misc bugs
  • Changed some navbar icons
  • Lots of module consolidation.

Updated for 9/2/2019

  • Added animation to motd
  • somewhat fixed the system dashboard.
  • Updated the latest threads boxes
  • reskinned the upcoming events box
  • reskinned the enjin icons in bottom right
  • Changed the network status' to colored icons
  • Individual server status now visible by clicking on the player count x/1000
  • New forum rank tags to accommodate future rank changes
  • Added the comment feature back to the news articles
  • new alert popup

Reply with any more bugs. thank you
Website Changelog - Version 3.3 - Update for 10/26/2020
This update includes a pretty expansive reskin as many Enjin functions broke since the last update.

  • New styling throughout most of the website incorporating more of the "Minetown Blue" color scheme
  • Sidebar was cleaned up significantly, and is fully dark.
  • Main pages have a slightly transparent background now
  • Votifier was styled to be more easy to read
  • Shop tiles were skinned for more organization
  • Wiki page was changed to a proper "Info" section about Minetown's History
  • "More" dropdown menu was reorganized
  • Gallery was fixed and can now be added to
  • Staff page was changed to list form
  • Navigation bar reskinned
  • "Messages" section was completely redone, as it was very broken from Enjin updates
  • More website sections now use the Raleway font
  • Rules page was reskinned
  • Profile pages were overhauled to accommodate new updates, including a dark sidebar, and polishing of other areas
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes
  • Updated Server Status & loading symbol
  • Forum category icons were changed to high res
  • React icons changed to high res as well
  • Forum threads were organized and proper permissions set
  • Brought back old style user badges and restyled
  • News page has individual boxes for each post for better styling and readability
  • Did i mention more bug fixes
  • Added 'Forum History' Album to Gallery

  • Removed username glow and added back name text color
  • 'Members' tab updated to same list format as the Staff page. Members listed in descending order of when they were last seen, 50 per page.
  • Updated uneven margins
  • More polishing done to profile pages, including text, shadowing, and evening margins
  • Moved Server Status to top of page
  • containers are now even with eachother and connected as a single page
  • navbar background
  • extended header background
  • updated news titltes
  • Brought back the Minetown logo wiggle animation on hover
  • Added Fixed Navigation bar (yw dzou)

  • Moved Login info panel back to top right of page.
  • Upgraded forum text editor to new BBcode editor
  • Restyled footer
  • Updated profile page header
  • Various bugfixes
  • Restyled event calendar

If any other small issues are found and addressed, they will be added to this thread as an update.
For designers inquiring, the Minetown Blue color scheme is
Version 3.4 - Mobile Support!

Mobile Version 1.0

In addition to the recent update, Minetown.net is now mobile compatible for most features!

For the first time ever, the website is completely mobile compatible!

This mobile compatible version of the Minetown website features support for all of the frequently used pages including Voting, Shop, Forum, Gallery, Rules, and others. This update also includes mobile support for Enjin profile status updates.

The mobile version of Minetown.net is more simple, so some features of the Desktop site aren't available, including Notifications, Messages, and some forum features.

This is a first version release, and by no means completed, so some features may be added in the future as the Mobile site gets refined.