March Madness Spleef Event

    We are going to have a spleef tournament, in honor of March Madness. For more information, click here

    Prizes will be the following:

    1st: 3500 MTC, 3 cosmetic keys, and a fully enchanted diamond shovel

    2nd: 2500 MTC, and 2 cosmetic keys

    3rd: 1500 MTC, and one key

    4th: 1000 MTC

    This is not a major time committment, and you will only have to play a game every few days. If you want to sign up, comment in the thread, or message me ingame or on discord. Even if you don't regularly play on Saturdays, or have never played at all, we encourage you to play. March Madness is well known for it's upsets and cinderella runs. We hope to see you there.

    In addition, winners for the last build event have been decided. In first place is Ravenclaw_Gamer, second is MyNameIsHailey, and third Outrizer.

    -MT Administration

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