Build Migration from Temp to Main

    Since many people have had questions about the future of the 1.13 test server, we've decided to make a quick announcement about how we plan to go forward.

    First, we want everyone to understand that the test server is, will continue to be, and always has been a temporary server. One month after main switches to a stable build of 1.13 we will be closing the 1.13 test server permanently.

    Now this doesn't mean you'll be losing your hard work and items during the test period, we're all very grateful for your effort in helping us test 1.13 as thoroughly as you have, and we want to reward everyone who has played there, which brings us to the real meat of this announcement:

    Every player who has played for more than a total of 24 hours on the 1.13 test server is eligible to have their bases migrated.

    Now this does come with some limitations, we're only migrating a single base per player, and that base can't be any larger than 32x32 blocks in size. We'll grab anything that is within 16 blocks of the surface as well, but we're not migrating entire mines. In addition, you'll need to find a suitable location for us to migrate your base to and let us know where it is. In order to make this process easier we'll need you to contact us as soon as you have the location picked out, upon which you'll be awarded 5,000 MTC and asked to claim the space you want your base placed in. Once that is done we'll go over to the 1.13 server, grab the base of your choice so long as it fits inside the size limits, and paste it in for you.

    Understand that this is a large undertaking. There is a lot of players waiting to have bases migrated, and we'll try to get to them as quickly as we can. If we can't get everything out in the allotted month period we may extend the deadline, but the future of the 1.13 test server is set in stone.

    - MT Administration


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