Maintenance Report

    Due to the fact that our old petition plugin was no longer working, we have changed to a new plugin. Petitions are now called tickets and can be made/viewed with the following commands:

    • /ticket [text] -creates a ticket
    • /tickets -lists your tickets
    • /tickets comment [id] [text] -comments on a ticket
    • /tickets comments -shows all comments made on a ticket

    Please notice that if you do not put the 's' after "tickets" it will make a new ticket even if the rest of your command is correct. Last night, horse teleportation was also fixed. Horses are now able to teleport with you with both /home and /warp again. This had been broken since we updated to 1.12.

    Event Week Day 5

    Congratulations to Steamedbread for his first place finish in Diggy Dash yesterday! Ravocado finished in second, and CrazyEnderLady in third.

    Today, we will be running two events. The first is golf at 1:30 PM ET. Winner will receive 1500 MTC, second 1000 MTC, and third 500 MTC. The second event will be Iron Builder, at 6 PM ET. Iron Builder is a build-off competition between two players or a staff and a player. The winner will receive 2000 MTC, and the runner-up will receive 1000 MTC. We hope to see you there!

    -MT Administration

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