Event Week Day 6

    In golf yesterday, rubberchicken007 won, finishing exactly par. Duey722 finished second with a +6, and Mechalo third with a +9. Ravocado won iron builder, and managed to beat Lampbork in the staff-player build-off. ZombieInDisguise finished second.

    Today, Knockback arena will be run at 2 PM ET. First prize is 2500 MTC, second is 1500 MTC, and third is 500 MTC! Later at 6 PM ET we will run team spleef. These will be teams of two. Each player on the first place team will receive 1500 MTC and an enchanted diamond shovel! Each player on the second place team will receive 750 MTC! Saturday Night Spleef will be run at normal time tonight.

    -MT Administration

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