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Minecraft Diamond Minecraft 1.8 has been released! If you have your client profile set to use the latest Minecraft version, you will need to downgrade or create an alternate 1.7 profile to connect to Minetown while we wait for Bukkit to release a semi-stable update.
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A new dawn for management

sawine aOwner posted Oct 27, 14
Greetings everyone, 
As most of you are probably aware by now, ModernDragoness decided to step down from her Co-Owner rank because she had to attend other dragoness duties elsewhere.

Her departure is without a doubt leaving a void in the Minetown management. I will also use this opportunity to leave this little note as a public word of thanks for everything she did for this server.

To resolve this management issue, a new rank was created in the staff; The Manager rank. (The Mod+ rank is also being eradicated)

This rank is meant to be "a mix of" the mod+ rank and the admin rank, with a few technicalities. The duties of the Managers will be quite diverse. They are in charge of the majority of the management on the server.
Instead of listing the very long list of things they are in position to do; let's put it simply: they have just as much decisive power as the owner rank. A distinction from the owner rank is that they will take actions as a group, and not as individuals.

The owner rank of course has veto power on their decisions, but I do not believe I will have to use it :).

So enough with the explanations, let me introduce you the new Managers!

Please give a warm "welcome" to DannyBoyG1, GRIFFF, Kosakriszi, Leronzadok and Pljz !

We are currently working together and planning a lot of changes for Minetown. You should hear about them soon!


Leo RETIRED grif pls
Bamn_Angel congrats guys x3 . May the community live on and prosper in the team's gentle wake, every step of the way ...
Jared RETIRED Congrats guys! I knew Kossa was holding out for a management position ;)

4 Year Anniversary

MasterJack RETIRED posted Sep 21, 14  -  4anniversaryeventspartyyear

Hey Everyone,

The 23rd of September 2014 marks Minetown’s 4th Anniversary. Obviously this is a big celebration for us all, so to celebrate, we will be hosting some events throughout the week!

Event Date: Tuesday 23rd September – Tuesday 7th October

Competition to build the best anniversary/birthday themed build! Claim a plot and start building at /warp BirthdayBuild (When event opens.) Winning builds will be posted shortly after event finish.

Prize(s): 1st Place - 10,000 MTC | 2nd Place - 7,500 MTC | 3rd Place - 5,000 MTC

Event Date: Friday 26th September (Time will be announced ingame)

Classic PvP Team-Based event - /warp Walls

Prize(s): Winning Team - 2,500 MTC each

Event Date: Saturday 27th September (Time will be announced ingame)

Brand new Quiz featuring questions all about Minetown (history, staff etc.)! /warp MinetownQuiz (When event opens.) Winner is the first person to complete the quiz.

Prize(s): 1st Place - 5,000 MTC | 2nd Place - 3,500 MTC | 3rd Place - 2,000 MTC

Keep your eyes peeled ingame - more events may pop up as the week goes on!

Happy 4 Years, Minetown!

funtoon2 Aww. i miss it D:
Enzichan Happy Four Years! A couple questions about the build event... ~What size will the plots be? ~Will this be in a creative ...
dzoumaya. RETIRED The following news post was made by yours truly, Microsoft Powerpoint.

August Top Voters

Dragoness atag posted Sep 1, 14  -  2014top voterswinners
MT Voting Award

Mouse over names to see their prizes!

Congratulations to our winners !
The votes on the top sites have been reset. We encourage you to vote for us at this moment.
Thank you for your support, every vote counts!

Note: This is the last month donor ranks will be part of the prizes. Future top voters will receive custom rewards. More details will be posted soon.

Enzichan Seeing as how I'm pretty secure in second, sans an emergency, I'm looking forward to the alternate prizes being announce ...
Jared RETIRED Alternate prized: my prized special cookies from dzu
CyberDrifter I hope the alternate prize is pizza from my local gas station, best in town. mmmm /kit cyberpizza

July Top Voters

Dragoness atag posted Aug 1, 14  -  2014top voterswinners
MT Voting Award

Mouse over names to see their prizes!

Congratulations to our winners !
The votes on the top sites have been reset. We encourage you to vote for us at this moment.
Thank you for your support, every vote counts!

MasterJack RETIRED Congrats ...
Ember2797 D: Johnny didn't make top voter. Oh Ember is totally coming back to voting now. >.>

After much planning and development, Minetown's guest tutorial is now live. Guests logging in for the first time on Agharta will be sent to a tutorial world. This provides both opportunity to learn about Minetown and the capability for self-serve rank-up to Member.

Tutorial World has three tutorial paths, each of a different length so guests can choose whether to gain only the most basic information for playing or learn a bit more about Minetown. Once a guest reaches the end of a path, they are asked a question based on path information and provided the means to visit the main Agharta world. The method of to-Member promotion depends on the path chosen.

As this is a big change in how membership is handled on Minetown, a thread has been made with more information. Click here to visit it.

◀◉JIMMY◉►™ Can current member see the tutorial?
Madster DEV Freedom world!... nvm.
Don't forget to vote for us.
Every vote counts!

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