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Top Voter January

Pljz tagAdminBT-Leadnews posted Mon at 17:38

Congratulations to lordsirrom42 for being the Top Voter for January! Your forum tag has been assigned, along with a tag in game, "[TV]".

In regards to the ticket raffle for the top 8 voters, stat1c42 was the victor. Your prize, A dragon egg, will be given the next time a management member sees you online.

Top Voter is back! In December!

Pljz tagAdminBT-Leadnews posted Jan 1, 16

Congratulations to Rockinry231 for being the Top Voter for December! Your forum tag has been assigned, along with a tag in game, "[TV]".

In regards to the ticket raffle for the top 8 voters, tweelingjack was the victor. Your prize, two ocelot spawn eggs, will be given the next time a management member sees you online.

Voting is back!

kosakriszi AdminDEVtag posted Nov 30, 15

Vote for Minetown!

Hey guys, we have some big news!

Thanks to some holiday miracle, voting is once again working!

This means many things, including the return of Top Voter.

Isn't that exciting? :D

As with anything, this grand reopening is not without

changes from the old system. You will no longer

be voting for Minetown, but Eximius Gaming as

a whole. This means that you will recieve

voting rewards on any Eximius Gaming server you

log on to in the future, so keep that in mind!

Help us keep the server strong by voting for us every day!

You know what they say, a vote a day keeps the kosa away ;)

Here's a link to get you started! Vote Here

Hey you, yes you, with the pants! Have you checked

out our creative server yet? It's a hoot!

Have fun out there!


kosakriszi AdminDEVtag oh
dee-zee RETIRED When it comes to Top Voter, what to do if the #1 voter isn't a player on Minetown?

Minetown Creative

Pljz tagAdminBT-Leadnews posted Nov 6, 15

Hey everyone, the time has finally arrived for Minetown to release its revamped creative server! If you’re interested in building and want a challenge rather than randomness, this new server offers a multitude of resources and options to expand your experience building. From multiple ranks, to differing plot sizes, plot ratings, and other fun things like Worldedit and VoxelSniper, we’re trying to best augment your experience as a builder.

You can connect to the server by connecting to our main server, with the IP “mt.gg” and then typing “/server creative”, or just connect directly with “creative.mt.gg”! You’ll start off as a guest, but after simply reading the “/rules”, you can promote to the first rank and claim your plot to start building! If you want more information, check out this post here: http://goo.gl/jJgrgQ


Pljz tagAdminBT-Leadnews posted Jul 31, 15

It's finally here. You heard right, Skyblock. After many months of hard work, development, building, we're finally able to release it. You can connect to the server with "skyblock.mt.gg"

As it stands, we've weeded out a very large amount of bugs, but if you find more, please report them in this thread here: http://mt.gg/thread/23407835

Please note, while this is being released, Agharta is undergoing maintenance to regenerate and recreate a new spawn area filled with the 1.8 blocks(finally!), so we ask that you bear with us while this goes on.

Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and if you see any players with a [BT] tag, be sure to give them a huge thanks for helping build the wonderful spawn!

Pljz tagAdminBT-Leadnews Ily2 Jacque
MasterJack RETIRED gj pljz
Irethena Mod A big thank you to the build team...spawn looks fantastic! Great job to kosa as well. All of your hard work definitely p...
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