New Cosmetics and Build Event

    Many new cosmetics are available for purchase in the shop! These include fixed cosmetic keys, which allow you to access many neat and fun gadgets, and two expansions which include things such as emotes and more particle effects! Go and check these new things out! 

    In addition, our new build event is up, *Spooky Skeletons*. Build anything halloween related. This event runs from today through 10 ET October 31. Winner gets 3000 MTC, second 1500, and third 1000!

    -MT Administration

    New Spawn

    Here in the next few weeks, we'll be implementing a new server Spawn. This spawn will be about 30% smaller, and will have more spread out market plots, which should drastically decrease lag in the marketplace. We plan to start getting things ready around the time of the 1.13 update, or sooner if plans change. A post for Market plot owners will be put out at least 2 weeks before the move. As of now, for the current spawn, things will be packed up and moved over.

    Players who have houses at the Docks have their houses saved, and will be pasted wherever you like, at your request.

    All future spoilers will be posted in this thread until release.

    -MT Administration


    The server is now 1.12.2 compatible. You can use either a 1.12.1 or a 1.12.2 client to connect

    -MT Administration

    Happy Birthday Minetown!

    Happy 7th Birthday Minetown! On September 22, 2010, former owner CodyHollaway created the Minetown website! The original Enjin post can be found here. In case you're wondering, the first member (of the current 47,480 on the website) was Mooncow, joining the following day.

    In honor of Minetown's birthday, we are going to run an Event Weekend! Throughout this weekend, we will run many events for fun prizes! Stay tuned in discord and on the forums to hear about them.

    -MT Administration

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