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    We need your feedback!

    The Management team has been talking about our vision for the server’s future and we want your input on where you want Main to go. We want to know what you think about the features we currently have to offer and what you want added or changed. We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to fill out the following form or commenting on the thread to help give us an idea on what the community wants.

    Thread (Public Discussion): http://bit.ly/2iYIVVe
    Form (Private): http://minetown.net/feedback

    -MT Managers

    Minetown is updated to 1.11!

    The world will not be expanding, so some features will not be enabled, and others will only be obtainable in the admin shop.

    The end will be resetting December 10th. Anything left in (including your player file if you are still in) will be reset, so make sure you get out of there.

    Details of the update can be found here: http://minetown.net/forum/m/672632/viewthread/29116844-111-update 

    We will be updating to 1.11 on Saturday (December 3rd) at approximately 11:30 EST, after spleef is over. For this update, the end will be reset. You will have until the next Saturday (December 10th) to get anything you want out of the end.

    Anything left in (including your player file if you are still in) will be reset, so make sure you get out of there.

    -MT Managers

    Although we're a few weeks late, we do have Top Voters for August!

    Congratulations to killing_acer, Delgore62, and ShadowBandit97 for being the top voters in August! killing_acer led with 313 votes, Delgore62 came in a close second with 292 votes, and ShadowBandit97 finished third with 248 votes.

    The prizes for the month, cosmetic keys, have now been given out. 

    Thank you to everyone for voting, and with heavy hearts, we are sad to announce that August is the last month for Top Voter.This contest cannot be held for reward, but will continue to be held for bragging rights. GO VOTE MY MINIONS.

    Due to changes we're having to make to comply with Mojang's EULA, we can no longer hold this contest for reward. In place of this, we will soon be rolling out server-wide voting rewards that benefit everyone! Stay tuned for updates on this and more news both here on the forums, and in-game!
    ~MT Administration

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