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    We have updated to 1.12!

    Minetown Main has now been updated to 1.12 and can only be accessed with 1.12 clients. You can read more about what the 1.12 update brings to Minecraft here

    In addition to the 1.12 update we have expanded the world 1,000 blocks in each direction. Please be courteous of the new areas as rare resources in those areas are shared by everyone. This means that you need to keep the new safety claim rules in mind when exploring.

    The third thing that is changing on the server is that we are getting rid of the afk farming rules! These rules were to prevent players from gaining too many resources too fast but we have decided that this is no longer necessary.

    Enjoy the new updates!

    -MT Administration

    June Top Voters

    Congratulations to our June top voters. In first is kaykorean with 283 votes, in second is FRANK3NST31N with 221 votes and in third is Lampbork with 122 votes! kaykorean will receive 5000 MTC and a [TV] tag ingame, FRANK3NST31N will receive 2500 MTC and Lampbork will receive 1000 MTC.

    Make sure you keep voting to secure your spot as a top voter!

    -MT Administration

    May Top Voters

    Apologies for the delay, but congratulations to our two May top voters, FRANK3NST31N in 1st and kaykorean in 2nd. FRANK3NST31N will receive 5000 MTC and a [TV] tag ingame, and kaykorean will receive 2500!

    Make sure you keep voting to secure your spot as a top voter!

    -MT Administration

    Voting Rewards Have Returned!

    We are pleased to announce that both voting rewards and the top voter tag will be returning! We will hopefully be adding more sites to the voting list but we have a good amount for now. At the end of each month (not including this month as it will not be a complete month) the player with the most votes will recieve a [TV] tag in game for the next month. The list of top voters can now be found in game at /warp topvoters instead of on the website. All voting sites can be found at http://www.minetown.net/vote

    Have fun voting!

    -MT Administration

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