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    Hello, New & Old Minetownians! We come to you today with exciting news!

    With the dust starting to settle from the major change in upper management, we have decided it is best to bring up a new class of players to join us on the Moderation Team.

    The players who we are bringing up have been very active and engaged with our community of late and I am pleased to announce the following members as our newest staff members.

    Please Welcome Combyte, CyborgFromHell, Beckiebaii, and DrQuestions to the team, as well as rubberchicken007, WeatherManScot and TheJokerIsOnYou for their promotions to bigger things!

    You can find more information regarding these changes here!

    ~MT Management


    Hey guys! As you may have noticed, Kosa and I are stepping down from our normal positions and will be a little less involved in day to day operations (but we'll still be here!). This means it's time for a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW SET OF MANAGERS! Fresh off their new Manager firmware upgrades, please welcome Zionia, Crush, Bumpy, and Lampbork to their new positions!


    We know these guys will bring some new and unique changes to the table, so be on the lookout for new things!

    If you'd like to read more about this change, click here.

    Thanks guys!


    Congratulations to TheJokerIsOnYou, Combyte, and killing_acer for being the Top Voters in September! TheJokerIsOnYou led with 344, Combyte with 192, and killing_acer came in with 64.

    Thank you to everyone for voting!
    ~MT Management

    Although we're a few weeks late, we do have Top Voters for August!

    Congratulations to killing_acer, Delgore62, and ShadowBandit97 for being the top voters in August! killing_acer led with 313 votes, Delgore62 came in a close second with 292 votes, and ShadowBandit97 finished third with 248 votes.

    The prizes for the month, cosmetic keys, have now been given out. 

    Thank you to everyone for voting, and with heavy hearts, we are sad to announce that August is the last month for Top Voter.

    Due to changes we're having to make to comply with Mojang's EULA, we can no longer hold this contest for reward. In place of this, we will soon be rolling out server-wide voting rewards that benefit everyone! Stay tuned for updates on this and more news both here on the forums, and in-game!
    ~MT Administration

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