1. Minecraft Username: MyNameIsHailey

2. Age: 22

3. Timezone (please use GMT if you live outside of North America): EST

4. Hours per week you play on Minetown Main (Average): I'd guess around 40+ hours

5. How long have you been a player on Minetown: June 2017

6. Have you ever been banned before? Why?: Nope

7. Have you spoken much on Minetown Discord?: Yes

8. Why do you think you will make a good member for the event team? Explain: I'm interested in seeing Minetown become even more community based and I believe that running more events is the first step. CrazyEnderLady seems to be the only event staff running the events lately and i'd love to change that, as well as help her run more complicated events that may require two people.

9. Additional info you would like to tell us?:
I am in currently in college, but I do online schooling, meaning I don't have any 'set' school times and I'm more flexible for getting on the server and working with different timezones for events