Our server is now running the latest minecraft version. We are running on a development build of bukkit, which may contain few glitches and bugs. We will be constantly updating the version to match up the latest  releases. We encourage you to report bugs & glitches that you may encounter on this thread so we can deal with them quicker.

    We are still working on multiple projects for the server, most of them should be completed in the upcoming weeks. We also bought a new server that is optimized for Minecraft performances, we had to delay the installation of few days because our SSDs need an important firmware update before they can operate. So, that means we should have some TNT party on the main world when we successfully transfer everything to the new server. Once the new hardware is running, we will also start to launch our new game servers; PVP, castlesiege and we will also be relaunching the creative server with a custom plugin to manage it better. More stuff to come...
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