Like I mentioned in the previous newspost, I'm aware everyone is anxiously waiting for the new world and hardware, but yet again I come to announce some additional delays. We were almost done setting up the new server we bought a month ago, but a new idea came up. To bring Minetown to the level where we want to take it and with the amazing donation amount you guys contributed in the last months, we will now be affording 3 servers instead of one ! We revaluated our needs and we wanted the best for Minetown. We are currently building an overpowered 3 servers cluster with high-end hardware that will be hosting our Minecraft servers. Why 3 servers ? Load balancing. We will be running multiple worlds on multiple instances. Minetown will be turned into a conglomerate of 5-10 servers all connected together. This new setup will make our server better, faster and more secure. It will also allow us to create and bring back some worlds(like the Underworld) that requires much more heavier instances of the game, without affecting the other servers. Like I mentioned in my previous message, all those worlds will be linked in a way that will make it almost impossible to tell that you are connected to a distinct server. To achieve this project, we have to code and recode a bunch of stuff. The dev team is currently working on those things. Again, if you have talent, time and interest, we are always looking for more good developers to help. So, as I said, we were just done assembling and configuring the ~1800$ server we bought a month ago. We now just made the purchase of 2 other servers for a total of ~7500$. In sum, Minetown will be hosted on ~9500$ of hardware and we will also still be using our previous ~6500$ server to host other stuff. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Although, this should take an additional 1-3 weeks to set up. Once it is completed, our server should be one of the most powerful, if not the most, Minecraft server out there. I apologize for the extra delay, but big projects take big time and efforts. Once we have the servers all built, we will post some pictures of the cluster on the website. For those who have more technical knowledge and interest on the matter, here are the planned specs of those servers.

    Again, thank you for choosing Minetown as your Minecraft server and thank you for all your donations which make projects like these possible.


    In the same context, we will be holding a contest in the following days and weeks to hear about your world(s) suggestions.
    The winners will win some MT credits and also some unique Minetown mousepads with their characters on them !


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