The main server has been updated to version 1.2.4. There shouldn't be much plugin issues, if you encounter any, please report them on the forum or via ingame petition.

    MCMMO is also re-enabled on the server. The XP and item gains have been nerfed.

    There was also few changes in the functioning of staff promotions and management, such as the creation of the staff manager rank and changes in the handling of ban appeals.
    But those changes shouldn't reflect much on the Minetown community, they simply  help to organize and to coordinate the staff even more. 

    Our mobile site has also been launched in the last days. It is still being developed and should receive a bunch of updates in the next weeks. You can access it via, soon, a script will be put in place to redirect you to this address if you are viewing the website with a mobile device. Thanks to our developer Colddev for this project.

    On another note, the recent updates caused some flakiness in our automated donation system. If you are still a guest or didn't receive your promotion after you donated, please contact a staff member. We apologize for the inconvenience, the issue will be resolved shortly.
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