The server is now 1.12.2 compatible. You can use either a 1.12.1 or a 1.12.2 client to connect

    -MT Administration

    Happy Birthday Minetown!

    Happy 7th Birthday Minetown! On September 22, 2010, former owner CodyHollaway created the Minetown website! The original Enjin post can be found here. In case you're wondering, the first member (of the current 47,480 on the website) was Mooncow, joining the following day.

    In honor of Minetown's birthday, we are going to run an Event Weekend! Throughout this weekend, we will run many events for fun prizes! Stay tuned in discord and on the forums to hear about them.

    -MT Administration

    Server News

    The exploit has been patched and we have repaired all of the world and most of the rank damage done in the attack. We hope to fix the rest in the next few days. Also, as you may already know, all signs in the market will need to be relinked. Everyone will have until the end of September to get their market shops relinked. Until then, when you do get your shop relinked, please place a sign somewhere stating it has been, so staff can keep track of which shops still need to be relinked and which ones that don't. In other server news, Creative and Agharta are back online, though Classic will be down for a short while longer.

    Build and Top Voter Prizes

    The latest build event winners have decided on! In first place is Dinocraftermax, who will receive 3000 MTC. Second is Airean2004, who will receive 1500 MTC. There is a three way tie for third place, between CrazyEnderLady and HyperGodOfficial, who will both receive 1000 MTC. We will annouce the next build event in the coming days. As for topvoter, in first is Steamedbread, with 264 votes. He will receive a [TV] tag and 5000 MTC. In second is DBrenna, with 170 votes and receiving 2500 MTC. In third is MyNameIsHailey, with 159 votes and receiving 1000 MTC. Voting is currently somewhat broken, but we hope to fix it in the next few days.

    We thank you for your cooperation in the mess that all of you have had to deal with lately.

    -MT Administration

    Server News

    As I'm sure some of you have heard, we have had a recent issue with an exploit allowing someone to do a great deal of griefing to the server. We've repaired almost all of the damage, though if you still need something fixed or refunded please let staff know.

    The server is back online now, but until we are 100% sure it's fine, it will only be kept up when a manager is online. We thank you for your patience. Please join our discord for updates!

    -MT Administration

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