The December Winter Wonderland Building Competition has now begun ! For those wishing to enter the competition, jump over to the event world find, a un-claimed lot, stand in it and create a petition asking to be added to the competition. The entrance is located under the spawn tree. Good luck to all participants !

    Edit:  We will be giving away a free copy of Cobalt to the competition winner ! The contest will be expanded until January 2 !

    New worlds:
    To keep you guys entertained meanwhile we work on the new MT1.0 world, we decided to bring back some of our old worlds, with a new taste of course.

    Skylands: After many months we decided to bring back the skylands ! The entrance is located under the altar in the cathedral for the moment.
    WarWorld: We are also re-introducing the WarWorld with a brand new concept. "Skills and "grenades" will be usable in this world. Chaos guaranteed.

    Epic creation of November, by tsm200:

    Epic Creation of November by Tsm200

    Last month's Epic Creations competition comes to a end and the judging has concluded.

    tsm200 - 1st Place - with his Epic Mansion, winning 25,000 Credits
    PyreFangs - 2nd Place - with her Crazy Stairs, winning 15,000 Credits
    Kong999 and Binkleplease- 3rd Place - with their Pagoda, winning 5,000 Credits each
    Congratulations to our winners !

    Edit: To counter the deadly warps and teleports issue caused by bukkit development builds and outdated plugins, we enabled automatic teleport on void falling and suffocation.
    Those will be disabled once the problem is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience, we try our best to deal with those issues.

    We now have a web auction house linked into the game!
    To access the auction house in game go to /warp auction. To access the online interface go to or click the link on the top menu. The auction house works with MT credits. Don't forget to vote to obtain a bunch of credits daily.

    For additional information about using the auction system, please visit this page:

    We have also started to implement some new Spout features into Minetown
    To properly use these new features you must download the Spout client, although it is completely optional to use it to play on the server. The Spout client will enhance your gameplay in Minetown.
    Download links for Spout client:

    Some new and planned features that include Spout are:
    • Donator Cape's - Planned
    • The changing / colouring of name's (The one over your head) - Planned
    • Cross server portals (The main world to the Creative world) - Planned
    • Rewards for players who are using Spout Craft Client - Planned
    • The Auction House - Implemented
    • Gui for the changing of Monster Spawner types - Implemented
    • And Much more

    If you have any reasonable and valid suggestions for plugin's for spout you can post them in the Spout Mods Suggestion thread.
    We're Hiring! Moderator | Build Team | Events Team

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