Christmas Build Event Results

    The Christmas Build Event has finally been judged! Here are the results!

    1. Gizer / Rodney_Mc_Kay       
    2. ztyler97
    3. SarcasticRavens

    Additionally, we will be running multiple events for prizes this week! We will run a UHC event at 8 PM ET on Tuesday (the 19th) and a Knockback event at the same time on Thursday (the 21st)! More info on prizes can be found on the event calendar!

    - MT Administration

    Top Voters January

    1. pak229 (185 votes)
    2. Rodney_Mc_Kay (130 votes)
    3. Abaddon9 (128 votes)

    Prizes have been sent out! Go out and /vote for Minetown!

    - MT Administration

    Top Voters December

    1. TheAssassinator5 (163 votes)
    2. jamesisthegame (122 votes)
    3. pak229 (115 votes)

    Login to receive your prizes! Go out and /vote for Minetown!

    - MT Administration

    Minetown UHC Release

    Minetown UHC has been released! We have two classic UHC servers (45 minute games) and two Flower Power servers (20 minute games). The UHC Lobby can be reached by going to the lobby server (/lobby) and doing /uhc.

    On another note, both our sale in the shop (everything 35% off), and our winter build event ends on January 2! There are plenty of open plots still available!

    - MT Administration

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