Skyblock and Winter

    Skyblock is finally here! We’re proud to announce the release of skyblock, which can be reached through /server skyblock. Use /island and click on the sapling to create an island. You can invite your friends to your island as well. There are a number of challenges of varying difficulty that you will have to complete to advance. Each challenge rewards you with experience and money. Skyblock’s economy is separate from Main, but will function in essentially the same way. You can create shops using SignShop, and buy and sell stuff to other players.

    In other news….

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Minetown! Spawn has been themed to fit the times. In addition, snow will soon blanket the entire world. Over the next month, snow will accumulate (less than a full block). This snow isn’t permanent, and it’ll all melt away in a month, but in the meantime, go enjoy the winter wonderland!

    In keeping with the Christmas spirit, we have a new build event, which be reached through the spawn portal, event hub, or with /warp buildevent. This theme, as you can probably guess, is Holiday Spirit. Build the best holiday-themed build (Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, etc.). This event runs from December 1 through January 2. Prizes are standard build event prizes (2500 MTC, 1500 MTC, and 1000 MTC), but first prize will also win access to the winter pet package, which will go on sale later this month. We’ve got some more stuff coming soon as well, including a snowball fight arena.

    We hope you enjoy the new additions!

    -MT Administration

    Top Voters November

    1. pak229 (224 votes)
    2.  TheAssassinator5 (177 votes)
    3. michaelgjones (36 votes)

    Prizes have been handed out! pak229 won access to all pets for a month!

    Thank you all for voting!

    - MT Administration

    New Pet Plugin

    We are happy to announce the release of the pet plugin! Several pets are now for sale at At the shop, you can see what the pets look like. Currently they are either included in the starter pack, or are for sale individually.

    The starter pack ($5 for all these pets) includes:
    Mini Me - Exactly like you, just smaller!
    Baby Ghast - This baby ghast got lost and ended up in the overworld.
    Bee - Just 'Bumblin around. Don't make him angry, he might sting!
    Gray Cat - A friendly gray kitty all alone. How about you adopt this little guy?

    Additionally, the ones for sale individually are MP-8 (BB-8), a Monkey, Green Frog, and the three original Pokemon starters: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Each of these costs $5.

    To access your pet, use the command /mpet. They will follow you around, and you can even ride them, use them as a hat, name them, or disguise yourself as one!

    As a final note, remember that the topvoter will receive access to all pets for a month. If you want to preview a pet, go vote!

    -MT Administration

    Upcoming Features
    Get ready for some new, exciting changes Minetown! New features, events, and servers are on the horizon! Here’s a taste of what’s to come!
    Skyblock Server
    The long anticipated skyblock server is almost here! It will be launched on the night of November 30! We'll be putting out some preview screenshots in the next few days as well
    A few changes to the event schedule. Events will be no longer announced the day of anymore, but instead will be announced (along with prizes) ahead of time. From now on, at the beginning of the week, Event Team will announce the event schedule in advance for the upcoming week. This will be posted in a google doc in discord, and on the forums in the event schedule sidebar. We hope this makes it easier for you all to attend events.
    Upcoming Events
    Speaking of events...we have some new ones planned in the coming weeks. This friday (Black Friday) we will be running some events in honor…(or dishonor, depending on how you look at it) based off the infamous Black Friday “holiday.” Looking ahead past that, we will be launching a new build event soon, along with some winter-themed events. It will truly be a winter wonderland in Minetown.
    Pet Plugin
    We will be launching a new pet plugin at the end of November as well! This plugin includes many different types of pets. Some will be seasonal, while others will be year round. Collect (or catch) them all
    XP Farms
    Unfortunately, the blaze farm is going to be shut down. New spawn mechanics introduced in the 1.13 update broke the spawner, and as a result, it’s time to retire it. As of right now, there is no public xp farm, but we are open to help make a farm public, similar to our policy with roads and rails. If you are interested in making your farm fully public, contact staff, and we will discuss it with you.
    Vote vote vote! Remember to /vote! We need voters to help the server gain more players. Remember, you can always vote offline, as the you will get the rewards when you login to the server. Also keep in mind, we have introduced the ability to gain /namecolor colors through voting from Test into Main. Every 200 votes, you may purchase through the vote shop (available through the /vote GUI) one /namecolor. In addition, we have made a few changes to top voter. Top voter will now receive a temporary [TV] tag for one month, and will have access to all pets for a month. The other voting rewards (for both a normal vote and top voter rewards) will remain the same.
    Finally, we want to ask you, the player, your thoughts on Minetown. It’s been a bit quiet lately, and we want to know what else might help you play on the server. Please fill out this survey so we can know what the community wants most.
    -MT Administration
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