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The Minetown Code

Global Rules

  1. Chat

    1. Message Content

      Use common sense.

      Do not...
      1. ...use languages other than English in global chat
      2. ...swear (this includes swears you know will be censored)
      3. ...use derogatory words of any kind (this includes words such as “gay” in a derogatory sense, or using “retard” or any of its variants)
      4. ...say inappropriate things in chat
      5. ...talk about politics or religion
      6. ...link to any malicious or inappropriate content
      7. ...tell other people to kill themselves
      8. ...do any of the above while being muted
    2. Spam

      Do not spam.

      Spamming includes:
      1. Sending the same message multiple times in short succession
      2. Asking the same question repeatedly if no one responds
      3. Use all caps constantly
    3. Advertise

      Do not advertise.

      Specifically, do not advertise
      1. ...another Minecraft server
      2. ...other Discord servers
      3. ...unrelated websites
      4. ...your youtube or twitch channel if you’re not making Minetown related content
    4. Area of Application

      These rules apply in public channels.

      "Public channels" refers to the following places:
      1. Ingame - Global chat and trade chat
      2. Outside of the game - Discord, the forums and Minetown social media
  2. Behavior

    1. Harassment

      No harassment of any kind is allowed anywhere.

      Specifically, this applies:
      1. Ingame - this includes any chat channel, private messages, signs, and mail, physical builds, as well as physically interfering with players
      2. Outside of the game - e.g. Discord, the forums, or Minetown social media
    2. IRL Scams

      Do not offer real currency (such as Dollars, Euros, Pounds, etc.) for an ingame exchange of goods and services (such as blocks, tools, builds, etc.) Do not offer to sell existing ranks and permissions that you have for real currency.

    3. Punishment evasion

      Do not attempt to evade punishments.

      1. You are responsible for your accounts. “My <brother/dog/sandwich> did it” is not a valid excuse.
      2. Do not attempt to use alt accounts to get around bans. They will be banned and add time to your punishment.
      3. Do not use builds to circumvent mutes. Non-traditional communication through signs or large golden letters is still talking.
    4. Staff

      Respect staff and their decisions.

      1. The decisions of staff are final. In rare cases, circumstances may require staff to make a decision that conflicts with a written rule.
      2. Avoid involving multiple staff members in the same issue.
      3. If you feel a staff decision is in error, please submit a report at mt.gg/staffreport and allow management to investigate before confronting them in public channels.
    5. Harming the community

      In very rare cases, it may be necessary to warn players for toxic behavior that harms the community without explicitly breaking the rules.

      1. Warnings will be voted on by the staff team and require a ¾ majority before being issued.
      2. Warnings will include a two-week grace period to allow any warned player time to show improved behavior.
      3. Warnings will progress through the standard disciplinary track as their own separate set of offenses.
    6. DDoS

      Attempting a DDoS, or attacking the server with Bot clients, will result in an automatic permanent ban.

  3. Building

    1. Inappropriate builds

      Inappropriate builds are banned on all servers.

      This includes, but is not limited to:
      1. Swastika
      2. Genitalia
    2. Excessive Lag

      Do not build contraptions that are too taxing on the server. If you’re in doubt whether your build is against these rules, ask a staff member. Contraptions might get disabled by staff if they are deemed too taxing. Contraptions should generally have an On-/Off switch.

      In general, things that might be taxing on the server:
      1. A lot of entities (extra so if they’re in a small space and may collide)
      2. An excessive amount of hoppers or redstone
  4. Names and Skins

    1. Copying other players

      Be original with your names (usernames and nicknames) and skins.

      Do not...
      1. .../nick yourself to something extremely similar to another name.
      2. ...rename yourself to copy another player. If you do, you will be forcibly nicked, and will be required to change it at the end of the month.
      3. ...wear skins that are identical or near-identical to other players without permission.
    2. Use appropriate names and skins

      Usernames and skins should be appropriate.

      Do not...
      1. ...use overly sexualized names or skins.
      2. ...use names or skins that reference inappropriate topics or groups.
      3. ...names that would violate global chat rules.
  5. Cheating

    Do not cheat.

    1. Hacking

      Hacking of any kind is banned. In general this means that you should not modify your client to give you a direct, unfair advantage over other players.

      1. Disallowed: fly hacking, x-ray, speed hacks, killaura, etc.
      2. Allowed: litematica, optifine, minimaps, inventory tweaks, fullbright, etc.
    2. Duping

      Duping in all forms is banned. If a dupe exploit is found, it needs to be reported immediately.

      1. TNT/Sand/etc duping is disabled and banned. Do not ask us to enable it, the answer is no.
      2. Any dupes that are abused and/or not reported will result in a ban and all duped items being confiscated.
    3. Exploits

      Do not use server exploits to obtain items or permissions.

      1. If you unknowingly purchase an item from someone who obtained it illegitimately, you will not be punished. However, the item will be taken without being refunded.
    4. Client automation

      Client automation is not allowed.

      Do not use...
      1. ...printer or easy place functions in mods such as litematica.
      2. ...autoclickers. (However, holding a button down constantly is allowed.)
      3. ...baritone or similar functions.
      4. ...macros than run more than one action once.
    5. Alting

      Do not use an alt account while you have another account connected. This includes unlinked bedrock accounts, unless you are in the process of linking them.

Idarun Rules

  1. Griefing

    Do not grief or raid in the overworld. This includes unclaimed structures.

    1. Trust

      If you are trusted on the claim, it is not griefing.

    2. Unclaimed builds

      Griefing an unclaimed build is not allowed. This does not mean you should not claim your builds. After the second grief, we will stop fixing your build if it is griefed again while still being unclaimed.

    3. Mobs

      Harming mobs that clearly belong to other people is not allowed.

      Do not kill...
      1. ...mobs owned by other players.
      2. ...passive mobs (such as cows, sheep, and pigs) that are clearly penned, even if they are unclaimed.
      3. ...a “tamed” hostile mob in a claimed area if it cannot harm you. For example, do not kill a skeleton that is protected behind glass just because it is hostile. However, if the mob does attack you (and not just that you stepped next to it and it hits you through the glass), you may kill it.
    4. Interfering with Farms

      Halting Minecarts in claims that you don't own is considered griefing.

  2. Other Players

    1. Dropped Items

      In the overworld, items should be returned to the player that dropped them.

      1. Items must be returned after a PvP match.
      2. Additionally, if you find someone’s items in the overworld, you must attempt to return them. If the player is online and you intentionally destroy the items, you will be punished.
    2. Physical Traps

      Player traps are illegal in the overworld.

    3. TP trapping

      Teleport (TP) trapping is illegal everywhere. TP trapping occurs when someone is unsuspectingly teleported into a trap. While traps are legal outside of the overworld, this form of trapping is not.

      TP trapping can be defined as:
      1. The trapper issuing /tpahere, the victim accepting it, and being killed. There is no nuance here, this is always considered tp trapping.
      2. The victim issuing the /tpa under the idea that they are teleporting to something else (often an economic exchange). However, an unprompted /tpa resulting in a kill is the fault of the sender.
      3. A third player kills the victim after the victim is lured in by another player involved in teleports.
    4. Portal Traps

      Do not build traps around portals in the overworld and nether.

  3. Claiming

    1. Other peoples builds

      Be nice to other people when claiming.

      Do not...
      1. ...surround another player’s claim(s) with your own.
      2. ...claim another player’s builds without their permission.
    2. Claim placement

      Don't claim too close to other people.

      In the overworld, do not claim within 200 blocks of a large (> 15,000 blocks) and developed claim or within 100 blocks of a normal claim. However, this rule does not apply if...
      1. ...the claim is within 200 blocks of an official server rail line.
      2. ...the claim is within 500 blocks of the spawn point.
      3. ...the claim is around a transit claim (such as a claim over a road, rail, or iceboat line).
      4. ...you fail to notify staff about removing a claim in the buffer zone with a significant build or equipment on it within 30 days of the claim’s creation.
    3. Safety Claims

      Do not create safety claims. These claims will be treated as invalid, and may be removed by staff.

      Safety claims are defined as:
      1. Small, empty claims which serve to abuse the no-claim buffer zone.
      2. Empty claims on rare biomes (mushroom islands, mesas, ice spikes, etc.).
      3. Empty claims on rare structures (such as ocean monuments, villages, woodland mansions, and dungeons).
      4. Inaccessible claims surrounding an area to cut it off.
      5. Additionally, empty claims of less than 1000 blocks may be removed without warning.
  4. Building

    1. Nonsensical Builds

      Do not be a nuisance in the way you build or use land.

      That means, you must not...
      1. ...spam lava outside of land you have claimed or create lavacasts.
      2. ...make structures that are meant to annoy other players.
      3. ...leave 1x1 towers standing around.
      4. ...permanently scar unowned terrain that is near another player’s claims.
  5. Warps

    1. Cost

      Adding warps costs 1,000 mtc.

      1. Moving a warp is free for distances below 100 blocks, once per month.
      2. Adding or changing site-to-site teleport gates costs 5,000 mtc per gate.
    2. Naming conventions

      The name of a warp must clearly indicate what the warp is for, comply with the chat rules and be both at least 3 characters in length and not excessively long.

    3. General location requirements

      A warp location must be sensical.

      This means that a warp...
      1. ...must have a certain level of sophistication to qualify and staff have the final say on what qualifies for any warp.
      2. ...must lead to a safe location and cannot immobilize the user.
      3. ...must have unrestricted access unless the restriction specifically limited to individuals or clans.
    4. Location requirements per category

      A warp location must fall into one of the following categories: Shop warp, Town warp, Public utility, Arena, Monument

      These categories are defined in the following way:
      1. Shop warps:

        Shop warps must have 5 reasonably priced, linked, and stocked [buy] signs at all times and there must be shop signs within visible range of the warp destination.
      2. Town warps:

        Towns need at least 5 purchasable or rentable subplots and at least 3 members who own or rent something in the town. Information about the town needs to be visible within range of the warp destination.
      3. Public utilities:

        The utility must offer direct value to the arriving player, and must have posted information clearly describing how to use the utility within visible range of the warp destination.
      4. Arenas:

        It must be clear what game is played at the arena and the arena must be free to use for everyone.
      5. Monuments:

        Monuments must have community significance and pass a per-case lore review.
  6. Spawn Shops

    1. Cost

      Purchasing a shop costs 1,000 mtc.

      1. Each upgrade costs another 1,000 mtc. (IE: bridges, tunnels, etc...)
    2. Size

      Plots are 9 by 9 blocks, extend 4 blocks underground, and 16 blocks up.

    3. Shop Maintenance

      Failure to keep a shop maintained will result in its removal. If a shop is removed three times, the owner will not be allowed to purchase a fourth.

      A shop...
      1. ...must be built within two weeks of the purchase.
      2. ...must have an up to date (within the past two weeks) restock sign in an easy to reach location showing the date when the shop was last stocked.
      3. ...must stock at least five purchasable and reasonably priced items.
      4. ...must be accessible on foot and can't trap players.
      5. ...must have something built on the plot. Simply placing signs down with no other major modifications is not allowed.
      6. ...may have up to three extra players added to the market plot at the owner’s request.
      7. ...may have extensions requested for periods of inactivity at Minetown. This does not apply to the initial build requirement. Extensions will also not be granted indefinately.
    4. Prohibited items

      Avoid making your shop very taxing in terms of FPS.

      Staff may request the removal of certain decorations as needed to keep the lag at spawn to a minimum. Do not use the following items:
      1. Storage:

        Block Entities (this mostly refers to containers that have per-location storage such as chests, barrels, hoppers, or furnaces) are not allowed at spawn. Please construct all shop storage remotely.
      2. Redstone:

        This is limited to redstone logic or machinery. Buttons, pressure plates, and redstone lamps used for purely decorative purposes are permitted, but no active redstone mechanisms are allowed.
      3. Particle-generating blocks:

        Any blocks that generate particles are banned at spawn. Torches and end rods are exempted from this rule.
      4. Entities:

        Animals, paintings, armor stands, activated beacons, and item frames are banned at spawn for performance reasons.
  7. Behavior

    1. Server Events

      Do not interfere with any events, staff or player-run.

      Do not...
      1. ...run into an event space when it is not your turn.
      2. ...unnecessarily kill players in events.
      3. ...break or place blocks in a way that interferes with the event.
      4. ...steal items from events.
    2. Scams

      Do not scam other players.

      This means that you must not...
      1. ...mislabel your shop signs.
      2. ...give false items (such as selling blue dye renamed lapis as actual lapis).
      3. ...refuse to pay or refuse to give items during an economic transaction.
      4. ...promise to pay money for work done and then refuse to pay.
    3. Auction House

      Use the auction house to actually facilitate trade only.

      This means you must not...
      1. ...directly advertise your shop with the item name or lore.
      2. ...list junk items that are not of any use.