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About Minetown

Early Years (2010 - 2012)

Minetown was established on September 22nd, 2010 by CodyHolloway, after the Halloween Update. After gaining popularity, Cody transferred ownership of the server to Sawine, who later went on to establish the late Eximius Network, with Minetown leading as the anchor server for the network.

During the first few years of Minetown, the map was the original Main Server or "Classic" map as known today. The map consisted of a vast player built spawn, with prestigious businesses, shops, and clan headquarters. A small portion of this map can be seen on Minetown today through the glass floor of /lobby.

During the later years of Classic, another server was developed alongside the main server, known as Agharta, which was originally planned as a themed SMP server, but later became the same premise as Classic, and the player base shifted to the new Agharta map. Agharta originally had a large spawn circle consisting of different themed quadrants, as well as Server /warp areas. It was during these years that players saw much less presence from Sawine on the server. The Classic server remained online during the years of Agharta, though was rarely played. Classic was removed from the server directory in 2015, though copies do still exist.

Agharta (2013 - 2015)

The Agharta map was Minetown's designated SMP server for around 3 years. Agharta varied significantly from Classic, and generally brought in a different type of playerbase. The server became very established, like Classic after a few years, with large shop operations controlling the economy, mostly under a few very wealthy players. Clans weren't as present on Agharta like they were on Classic, though many notable player cities were continuations of ancient Classic clan bases.

In the year 2015, we saw fresh leadership for Minetown, with Pljz, and kosakrizi (Kosa) taking over as the Owners of Minetown, with Sawine focusing solely on the Eximius Network. In late 2015, it was decided unanimously that Agharta had run its course, and was time for a fresh vision for the Server. Work started weeks later for the new "Main" Server, which sought to combine the best features of Agharta, and rekindle the spirit of the original Classic server, with player operated shops being the driving focus of the economy, with less emphasis on Adminshops, as well as a smaller easy to navigate spawn, and clans. Agharta was removed from the Server Directory in 2018.

Main (2016 - 2022)

In 2016, Pl and Kosa began their position as Managers of the Eximius Network, and brought back the old Manager system to fill their positions. In 2018, Sawine started to disband the Eximius Network, and retire from Server Management entirely. Some Eximius Servers either went dark, or became Independent; Including Minetown. During the run of Main, Minetown became indepedently owned. Since May of 2018, Minetown has been owned and managed by AfterEffect, BumpyBob0007, Everrius, and Rodney_Mc_Kay.  Main was the longest dedicated Survival SMP Server for Minetown, and was the main map from May 4, 2016 to January 28, 2022.

Idarun (2022 - Present)

Idarun, Minetown's fourth main map, opened on January 28, 2022. Upon release, the map featured revamped economy, claiming, and cosmetics systems and much more. Idarun is planned to be here for many years to come.