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Supported Mods

Minetown supports the use of the listed mods below, these mods are not required to join but are always available to help heighten your experience on the server. This page will include which version of each mod to run, the download link, and how to use.

Simple Voice Chat


Minetown supports the Simple Voice Chat mod to make the server a more fun experience. You can join groups with other players, or talk in proximity. To join you will need version 2.5.7 on whichever client you use. You can either search for this mod or download it directly from CurseForge at https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/simple-voice-chat


To use the group feature, you can do one of two things: Open up the voice chat menu in game (Default key is "V") or the groups tab (Default key is "G") both keybinds can be changed in your settings. There is a large button to create a group, or you can join an existing one. When you setup your own, you can choose to add a name and a password so that only you and your friends can join them. Different group options allow you to hear everyone, or people only in your group, and lets your choose if players who are not in the group can still hear you in proximity.


Proximity chat is on by default when you join the server with the mod. Players can hear you through your microphone when they are within a certain range. There are settings in the voice chat menu ("V") to turn on push to talk, so that players cannot always hear you. There are also options in the same menu to mute all other players, mute yourself, and adjust peoples' volumes.



Simple Voice Chat is not the only mod we are adding support for! We are also adding support for ViveCraft - the VR mod for Minecraft. If you've ever tried to use ViveCraft on the server before, you'll know that while it "worked" it did not have true support. Arm movements by other players didn't show, 2-handed archery was unsupported, and projectiles and dropped items were broken. With us adding proper support to ViveCraft, these issues have now been fixed! If you have a VR headset and would like to check the mod out, you can download it here. Like with Simple Voice Chat, you will need to download the version of the mod from 1.20.1 to gain proper support on the server currently.