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[Enjin Archive] ...
Started by [E] a3modz2

Why was my thread removed about the time lapse thing?
@4434737 wrote:
Can a mod remove kutha's post and mine (this post)

i was assuming you meant the thread, my sincere apologies.
Can it be restored?
10/10 would leron again
Why would you say and mine if you didn't want your post removed
Whats he is saying is the replies to the thread, aka, what Im posting now, but, I don't think you are allowed to just remove a single player's post. If you don't like what someone said, or if it makes you look bad, doing all this to fix it isn't helping either.
A3Modz made a fair request, which was unfortunately misinterpreted by a forum moderator.

Easy mistake to make, no real need for a discussion...