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Idarun Worldedit Policy
Started by minetown

Global World Edit Rules:

  • You cannot hand us a schematic file and tell us to do something with it. Any structure or vehicle being world edited has to have been built on a Minetown server at some point. It doesn’t have to be the same server you want it moved to (for example, you can build it on Creative and move it to Main) but it has to be on the Minetown network.
  • You must have the materials ready. If you’re moving a structure from Creative to Main, you need to have all the materials needed for that structure collected. If you’re filling in a large area, you need to have all the resources used to fill in that area ready to go. The materials will be collected after the worldedit.

Class A World Edits:

Class A world edits cover non-vehicle structures. These include moving these structures to Main from other servers, and moving structures around the Main server. 

General policies:

Minimum Price: 10000 MTC

Discount Eligible: Yes


Class B World Edits:

Class B world edits cover simple, non moving commands, such as //remove and //fill. For example, these cover filling areas with a block (like dirt), or removing blocks from an area (such as removing a mountain) you would be using a Class B world edit.

General policies:

Minimum Size: 10000 blocks

Discount Eligible: Yes


Class V World Edits:

Class V world edits cover moving vehicles. These include land, water, and sea based craft. All vehicles must be certified prior to being moved. There are two types of vehicles - Utility and Passenger Craft, and Military and Capital Vehicles.

General policies:

Utility and Passenger Craft: Utility and passenger craft have a maximum size of 40x20x10 and can contain at most 2000 blocks. These vehicles can be moved 6 times a month with a ticket, regardless of context.

Military and Capital Vehicles: Any vehicle larger than 40x20x10 is a military or capital vehicle and can only be moved during events. These vehicles have a maximum size of 100x50x30 and can contain at most 7500 blocks.

Price: Certifying a vehicle costs 10 MTC per block. There is not a price for moving a vehicle, as long as all other policies are followed.

Home Berth: Every vehicle needs a home berth containing an empty cuboid with only the vehicle in it.

Placement: Vehicles can only be placed in areas their size with empty air. Storage on the vehicle is NOT preserved. Additionally, you must either have permission to place your vehicle in the area, or have enough claim blocks for the destination claim. We reserve the right to place the vehicle in any orientation/position necessary. Additionally, it has to be realistic that the vehicle can travel to the new location. A water-based vehicle cannot travel to an ocean on the other side of the map if the water is not connected.

Design: vehicles need to contain recognizable signs of mobility relevant to their type, and be recognizable as vehicles of some kind. You can’t build a solid cube and call it a vehicle.

Other Restrictions: No entities, no redstone mechanisms, and no refunds.

Discount Eligible: No


Class T World Edits:

Class T World Edits are free world edits that are only offered temporarily during certain periods, often when a map is closing. For example, transfers from Vanilla to Main are classified under Class T. These are free, but the specific constraints (such as size and number allowed) vary, and will be announced prior to them opening.


Discount equation:

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “What in the world is that equation?” That equation gives a discount to Class A and Class B world edits, by decreasing the price per block of a world edit as the world edit itself gets bigger. For example, here are some prices at different block counts:

  • 10,000 blocks costs 23,212 MTC (price-per-block: 2.321 MTC)
  • 25,000 blocks costs 54,149 MTC (price-per-block: 2.166 MTC)
  • 50,000 blocks costs 87,500 MTC (price-per-block: 1.75 MTC)
  • 100,000 blocks costs 111,379 MTC (price-per-block: 1.114 MTC)
  • 250,000 blocks costs 250,017 MTC (anything larger than about 210,000 blocks costs roughly 1 MTC per block)

The graph of the price function. The x-axis is the number of blocks and the y-axis is the price in MTC


The discount equation is based on a logistic function. A basic logistic function looks like this:

If you’ve ever taken differential equations in school, this is a differential equation. Don’t worry though, we won’t be testing you or anything. The price per block is a logistic function flipped and stretched out really far (think instead of a range of 12 between the minimum and maximum price, the range is over 200,000). The parameters here are balanced to provide a reasonable and decreasing price-per-block as the total number of blocks increases. The discount equation is then the price per block function times the total number of blocks. 


This only applies to Class A and Class B world edits, and you won’t need to do the math. Staff will still be doing the quotes of the world edit size, but in case you’re wondering where our prices will come from, just know that it’s from that equation. This new policy will go into effect on the new map, and we will display it in a centralized location with our other policies (such as our land claiming policy - more on that in the coming weeks).


If you have any questions on this policy, feel free to contact a manager and we will explain it. We hope the policy allows everyone to better take advantage of world edit to improve their time on Minetown.