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[Enjin Archive] Skyblock since main map reset
Started by [E] Quiet50ul

Q: How will this affect other Minetown servers?
A: For the most part, it won’t. Servers such as Skyblock, Creative, and UHC will see improvements and updates, but will not be reset or anything like that. However, this reset announcement is attached to some Vanilla news:

i think i had my armor / gear from skyblock in either or both the enderchest , /backpack
my enderchest is empty
and i assume /backpack for removed mod wise?
i can't use that command.

is this a bug issue or did i lose my stuff in the backpack due to the main map getting reset?
Hmm strange, something might've gotten mixed up in the transfer.

We'll look into it. We should be able to get you your items back
Looks like it was just an issue with permissions. Sorry about that, it should be fixed now. Your stuff is in your /bp.