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Idarun Land Claim Request
Started by Minetown

Read the following before posting: Idarun Claim Guidelines

Reply to this thread using the following format:


Claim coordinates:

Original claim owner:

Reason you want the claim:

Proof you contacted the claim owner:

Disclaimer: Staff reserves the right to deny any request. Do not respond to other requests made by players, general posting rules apply.

Please do not use Discord as an Image Host, either upload your screenshots through an image host or on the forum.

Username: NootNToot
Claim coordinates: 70 128 385 [In the Nether Dimension]
Previous owner: I_Like_Computer
Reason I want the claim: I am currently working on a nether highway project that stretches along the nether coordinates that line up with the 3k South rail in the overworld. I_Like_Computer's claim is the only one obstructing the path of the line.
Proof of contact:

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