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    The Minetown Managers, Build Team, and Event Team are proud to present the Event World. The Event World Hub can be accessed from /warp EventHub, or by travelling through the portal at spawn! The Hub contains 11 portals leading off to the 11 different events we currently have (and we're always looking for suggestions to add!). The list can be found below

    • Multi-Level Spleef (2+ players): This event is the very fun spleef event, but instead of just one level, there are 6! Try to be the first one to knock the other player down to the bottom! This event does not require staff help to run, just go through the portal, press a button, and go!
    • Team Spleef (2+ players): An extra-sized arena allows for you to play on teams, and you can pick the size and color of the team! Choose from red, blue, yellow, and green, and go at it with your friends in spleef! Just like multi-level spleef, this does not require any staff help to play!
    • Iron Builder (2 players): This event is a build face off between one player and one staff! There are three builds will be different themed, and each needs to include a "mystery block" that must be present in all builds. The player and staff. The three builds will be different types of builds, but both staff and player need to follow the themes and guidelines. Another staff member, possibly with the help of the audience will decide who wins, and the winner will receive a prize. This event requires staff to run (more at the end of this post)
    • Knockback Arena (2-4 players): Try to knock the other player(s) off a platform into the abyss with Knockback III sticks! This event does not require any staff to run, just press a button and go!
    • Horse Race (2+ players): Follow a tough obstacle course in a wild desert through collapsing bridges, lava lakes, mines, and cacti fields on a horse in an attempt to finish first! Play using a horse with a specific speed and jump, or take your chance with a random horse. This event does not require staff to run.
    • Hockey Rink (2+ players): Ever played hockey in minecraft? Well now you can! Choose from either the red or blue team, and try to knock a puck (magma cube) with knockback sticks into the goal! This event does not require staff to help, and like team spleef, the teams are fully customizable depending on what you want to do!
    • Golf Course (1+ players): Have you ever imagined playing the great (and at times frustrating) sport of golf in Minecraft? Well now you can! Using a bow as a club and arrows as balls, visit the beautiful nine-hole Minetown Hills Golf and Country Club and try to fire the arrow into the holes! You will be given a bow and arrows, and if you want may get a scorecard and a golf cart (horse) to ride around. It's a blast, either playing alone or with others! Like most events, you do not need staff to play!
    • Mazes (1+ players): This portal links you to a hub of 10 mazes of differing length and difficulty that you can try and beat. Just walk into the portals and you will be transported to the different mazes. This event does not require any staff help, just go through the portals and into the mazes!
    • Mini Golf (1+ players): The mini-golf money-waster can now be found in Minetown, and it can be played for free! Try to throw (with q, not right click) the ball (snowball) onto the ice and try to get it in the holes in the fewest throws possible. There are 16 holes, one for each color of wool, that you can try! No staff required!
    • Diggy Dash (3-6 players): Each player in diggy dash will be given their own mine to try and dig for goodies! Hidden in the mines are things that will make mining a lot faster! Try to get the goodies, which will be worth different points, and whoever has the most points, will win. This event does require staff help (more at the end of this post)
    • Build Event: Build team will be running build events with different themes and prizes here! Whenever we have an event, pick a plot and build using the materials provided. More information on the first build event will be released soon!

    Most of these events can be run without staff help, but some require staff to run. Starting tomorrow through the end of next weekend, we will run each event (even the ones that do not require staff help) at least once for prizes! Afterwards, contact event staff if you would like to play one of these events that require staff help. We hope you will enjoy the event world!

    -MT Administration

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