Event Week Day 1

    The first events of event week are here! Our first event will be a Maze Race at 7 PM ET tonight! Be the first to finish all 10 mazes! Prizes: 1st-1500 MTC, 2nd-1000 MTC, 3rd-500 MTC.

    Also, we are starting our first build event, with a theme of Master of 1.12. This will run from today through 10 PM ET Sunday, August 6. Build any (appropriate) structure putting a major emphasis on 1.12 blocks. The best builds may also be used in future events! Prizes: 1st-3000 MTC, 2nd-1500 MTC, 3rd-1000 MTC, with a 500 MTC bonus to any build we will save to use in future events. There are only 16 plots, so reserve your plot quickly! You must use what blocks are in the chests on your plot, BUT you use and build any farm on the plot to gain more blocks, and may craft as many blocks using the provided ones as you'd like.

    -MT Administration

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