Exciting Changes

    Hey all, we are rolling out a number of changes to improve your experience on Minetown. These are changes we feel are best for you and the server. If you have any questions about any of these changes, let us know, and we will answer them to the best of our abilities.


    New Spawn

    First off, we have pasted in the new spawn. We have saved all market shops, and we will freely paste them in to open lots. You will not have to pay for a new lot, though they will be given out on a first come first serve basis. You will have two weeks upon pasting in of your shop to relink the signs. The signs will be in your shop and the text will not be lost, but they will still need to be relinked. If you have any concerns regarding your shop, let us know. Spawn itself is not completely finished yet, and we are putting the finishing touches on, but for the most part, it’s done.



    Voting has returned! We have 9 sites set up for votifier here, each providing 150 MTC per vote, plus an additional 2 that provide no reward but help Minetown anyway. Additionally, there is a 750 MTC bonus for voting 58 times in one week. The 9 sites set up with votifier will count for top voter, and there will be top voters for May. First prize will receive 2500 MTC and three keys, second prize is 1500 MTC and two keys, and third receives 1000 MTC and one key. Go out and vote to help support Minetown!


    Claiming Changes

    Claiming rules have been modified a bit. The total claim block limit per player has been bumped from 600k to 1 million. Now to counter this, there are some other changes to claim rules to prevent massive amounts of the map being claimed, and making it difficult for new players to claim.

    To start, safety claims have been banned. There are too many that clutter the map, and if we determine a claim is a safety claim it will be outright removed. If you’re wondering what a safety claim, it is a very small claim that serves no purpose other than to abuse the 100 block buffer zone to further your claim to the surrounding area. These claims have either no buildings, or very small pointless ones on them. Standard safety claims, small claims over villages, unused temples, and unused claims over mob grinders all count as safety claims. Everyone has two weeks to get in compliance with safety claims, and then staff will begin removing them. If you’re questioning whether a claim is a safety claim, ask staff, and will determine whether or not it is one.

    In addition to this, we will begin removing worthless claims that clutter around the map. For claims near spawn, the standard two months offline period applies before we will begin removing claims. Outside of spawn, the offline period is a year before the claim may be removed. Now, the claims that will be removed under this seriously are pointless. Empty claims, or wood and dirt huts from a long offline player are the ones due to be removed under this rule. If there is actually significant building on them, it will not be touched.


    In the past, some of you may remember we did not allow AFK farming. We have decided to outlaw it again. There are a number of reasons for this, ranging from strain on the server capacity to stimulating the economy, but it will be enforced. A 30 minute AFK kicker will be introduced, and a strike system implemented. The first warning won’t even be an official warning, just a kick with a message to not AFK. From here there will be three strikes, and we will go from there. There won’t necessarily be a ban, but it’s not something we will tolerate anymore. Now, many of you have grown used to AFK farming, but under the circumstances we just can’t support it anymore. If you’re wondering, AFK farming counts as mob farming, though we won’t exactly be tolerant of staying on all night with an auto-jump trying to farm claim blocks. If you’re at your computer and are able to respond, it does not count as AFK farming. If you have any other questions as to what counts as AFK farming, ask staff and we will determine it.



    This part does not concern most of you, as it is an old donator rank grandfathered in after changing what we can sell because of the EULA. If you’re an old donator, VIP, etc., it does though. /chest is a full (54 slot) chest available to old upper tier donators. Unfortunately, it’s not something we can support anymore. The plugin has not received an official update in nearly 4 years, and there’s not a replacement plugin available. It has numerous issues (as some of you know if you’ve had your chest deleted), and we just can’t keep it up anymore. Additionally, with the introduction of shulker boxes, it’s incredibly overpowered, technically able to carry 1458 different stacks of items. When 1.13 is released, it will very likely break, and we will remove it from the server. We encourage everyone with stuff in a /chest to take stuff from it and move it somewhere safe.


    Map Infrastructure

    Infrastructure is important to connecting the server together, and we want to support you in building it. For one thing, the spawn rail system is going to be improved. We will make it easier to transport entities a long ways, connect it to spawn, improve stations, and allow sailing on oceans under the rails. For player built infrastructure, we will be offering to worldguard protect it. You will lose the 100 block claim zone around it, but you will not have to use claim blocks on it after initial construction. WG will be offered to all transport infrastructure connecting the server, roads, rails, hyperboats, etc., as long as it is completed and looks nice. If you would like your claim to be converted to a WG protect, make a ticket and staff will protect it.


    Other Stuff

    As sort of mentioned under AFK, we want to stimulate the economy. We hope with voting and outlawing AFK it is stabilized a bit, but in addition to this we are planning other changes. We have planned small daily/weekly bounty boards that players can sell too. These will be for basic materials and will not provide much money, but are intended to help new players get a start. These bounties are planned to have a limit on how much each player can sell. The idea behind them is that they will not be really worth it for established, rich players, but for new players to earn some money and get a start.

    These are just the major changes we are going to be implementing now, or very soon. There are a number of other changes (new events, plugin replacements, Patreon, etc.) that are going to be implemented in the near future, but they have not been ironed out yet. For now, we thank you all for sticking with us in this difficult time, and we plan to make this server succeed. We are currently looking for graphic designers to help us advertise the server, in addition to making high quality videos that showcase the server. Please consider giving us your patronage to help us out as well, there are numerous packages available in the store.


    We thank all you players, this server would not be able to succeed without you.

    -MT Administration

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