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    Big news everyone! We are launching a patreon for Minetown! There are a number of cool rewards for patronage, including most of the cosmetics in the store. In addition, there are a number of patreon-exclusive rewards, including morphs, lores (for items), and a Hall of Statues. There are also serverwide goals once a certain level is reached, the first being an XP-Boost at $50/month.

    The Hall of Statues will be for those of the $25+ rank, although until June 1st (when it will be opened) anyone who puts $5 or more forward a month will gain a statue.

    Additionally, those who pay $25 or more a month will gain access to a special creative world that they can build in (standard server rules apply). This will eventually be moved to a separate server entirely, but for the time being it can be accessed with /warp Creative. You can set warps in this world yourself as well, though don’t go overboard.

    Patrons will also receive sneak peaks at server upgrades, and have their own discord channel as well! If you donate to the patreon, a staff member or make a ticket in game and we will update your permissions.

    Lastly, some staff changes. Congratulations to Ebay and Scot on their promotions to Mod+, and welcome Jared back to staff as a Dev!

    Thank you all for your support of this server, we couldn’t do this without you!

    -MT Administration

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