1.13 Update Progress

    Good news, everyone! We’re moving ever closer to 1.13 support, and at this point we have approximately 75% of our plugins updated and running on Test. Our map plugin was just updated last night, so you can now access amap of Test at https://mt.gg/testmap/.

    Currently lag and low mob spawns are a known issue. Many of the plugins are not yet optimized for 1.13 yet, and we are using VERY early Dev builds of Spigot which is causing the problem with mob spawns.

    Cosmetics plugins are taking the longest to update. If they are the last to update we may have a vote on whether to update Main without them temporarily.

    To those of you who are regularly playing on Test – Thank you! You have been invaluable in finding and squashing bugs so we can update Main sooner.

    Stay tuned for more updates, and remember to vote for Minetown!

    - MT Administration

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