Big News Everybody!

    We are finally ready to update to 1.13! The update will take place on Friday, October 12! Be aware that converting large worlds to 1.13 takes time, so main will be down for at least several hours as we convert and update (though test and creative will remain up). We appreciate your patience in the past few months in the wait for this update!

    Other Update Notes:

    • The winner of the test build contest will be announced that weekend, and will have their entire base transferred over
    • We will begin transferring 32x32 builds from test over to main as soon as we update, on a first come, first serve basis
    • The main world will be expanded 1000 blocks in each direction. We are going to be very strict on safety claiming (including possible immediate removal) in the new land
    • We are going to try to convert as many current unused ocean biomes in the main world to 1.13 ocean biomes as we can
    • More news regarding creative freebuild and updating will be announced soon

    We hope you are as excited about this as we are!

    - MT Administration

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