1.13.1 Update

    Thanks everyone for your patience. We have finished updating Main to 1.13! The world has been expanded an additional 1000 blocks in every direction, and existing oceans will be updated to 1.13 biomes as we have time. Stay tuned for the winners of the Test build contest. Please note that due to plugin limitations we cannot pre-generate the map, so while exploring the new terrain you may notice some lag.

    Some update notes:

    • Clans plugin has been replaced with Guilds. Use /guild for a list of the new commands and to create a new Guild. For a refund on your old Clan please create a ticket within the next 30 days.
    • There may be some errors with Signshop due to the update. Please check your shops and ensure that your shop signs are still linked properly.
    • To have your 32x32 build transferred from Test please create a ticket at the location of the build you would like transferred. We will be beginning transfers in the order we receive them. You have until November 13 to have your builds transferred over
    • If you notice anything broken, please create a ticket or contact a staff member immediately.

    Contest Winner:

    Congratulations to (Pinoypower1677) for winning the test server build contest! His entire base will be transferred over to Main!

    - MT Administration


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