Skyblock and Winter

    Skyblock is finally here! We’re proud to announce the release of skyblock, which can be reached through /server skyblock. Use /island and click on the sapling to create an island. You can invite your friends to your island as well. There are a number of challenges of varying difficulty that you will have to complete to advance. Each challenge rewards you with experience and money. Skyblock’s economy is separate from Main, but will function in essentially the same way. You can create shops using SignShop, and buy and sell stuff to other players.

    In other news….

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Minetown! Spawn has been themed to fit the times. In addition, snow will soon blanket the entire world. Over the next month, snow will accumulate (less than a full block). This snow isn’t permanent, and it’ll all melt away in a month, but in the meantime, go enjoy the winter wonderland!

    In keeping with the Christmas spirit, we have a new build event, which be reached through the spawn portal, event hub, or with /warp buildevent. This theme, as you can probably guess, is Holiday Spirit. Build the best holiday-themed build (Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, etc.). This event runs from December 1 through January 2. Prizes are standard build event prizes (2500 MTC, 1500 MTC, and 1000 MTC), but first prize will also win access to the winter pet package, which will go on sale later this month. We’ve got some more stuff coming soon as well, including a snowball fight arena.

    We hope you enjoy the new additions!

    -MT Administration

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