12 Days of Minetown Christmas

    Today marks 12 days until Christmas day, and as everyone knows, there are 12 days of Christmas. To celebrate, we are giving away a present every day from now until Christmas.

    How this works: At /warp gift (under the spawn tree), there are 12 chests, one for each day. The day on each is marked in the format of day.month. So today's chest (the 14th) is marked 14.12.
    Each day, each player can open that day's chest. The first time each player opens it, there is a preview of what's inside. Once you close and reopen, you can take the present in it. After you take the present, you cannot reopen the chest. Each chest is accessible by every player, but only on it's specified day. If you miss it, you cannot get it again.

    We hope you enjoy the prizes. Some are more valuable than others, and the items vary greatly. You can't shake the present to figure out what's inside, so you'll have to open the chests to see!

    - MT Administration

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