End Reset, Winter Sale, and Winter Pets!

    It’s time for another end reset! We’ll be resetting the end next Saturday (the 22nd) at 8 PM ET! The world border will start at 1.5k blocks in each direction, and will be expanded after the initial rush finishes. Also, access to /j, /back, /feed, /heal, /thru, and keepinventory for everyone that has it will be disabled in the end, to help level the playing field.

    Also, there are some big changes coming in the shop on Monday (the 17th)! First, It’s time for the Minetown Winter Sale! Everything in the shop is 35% off through New Years! Now’s your chance to get a new cosmetic! Additionally, we have some new, limited time pets on sale. For $4.55 (discounted from a full price of $7) you can get a Penguin, Snowman, and Gifterino pet! These function the same as all other pets, so /mpet to access them. These pets will not be on sale long, so get them while they last.

    There are more changes on the server coming soon, so stay tuned! Remember to consider supporting us on Patreon. Though it’s not discounted, every dollar helps make the server the best it can be.

    - MT Administration

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