Exciting Upcoming Changes for All Servers!


    Effective now, we have implemented a policy for WorldEdits on the main server. These can be bought through MTC. The details of the policy are as follow

    Obtaining a WE

        • Submit a ticket at the location and post in this forum thread the details of the WorldEdit you would done
        • Build Team can carry out the WE, but any WE required final approval from Manager

    Pricing, Materials, & Command Availability

        • Base Price: 2.50 MTC per block.
        • Minimum Size: 10000 blocks not including air.
        • Entire area in the WorldEdit needs to be claimed.
        • Exception for moving or placing structures - costs 10k minimum, or more depending on the cost of materials.
        • Basic commands only: //set, //remove, //copy, //paste, along with //naturalize. No brushes.
        • Materials Cost (for filling in areas, not schematics) is set at 2x the price of the Mall if you do not have the materials.
        • If we’re pasting in a schematic, you need to have all the materials. No exceptions.
        • Landscaping fees depending on the size (we do not landscape often, only to make the area not look awful)


        • You will not gain materials from //remove or //set air.
        • We will not accept your personal schematic files to place on Main.
        • Needs to be built somewhere on a MT server beforehand.
        • Entire area needs to be claimed You have to claim the entire area.


    We have started testing BentoBox, the replacement for our current skyblock plugin. This is not a reset of the skyblock server, though there will be a few changes. Slime chunks and slime farms will be affected, and you will also likely have to go through a new set of challenges. Additionally, due to the adminshop, and the ability to obtain sandstone through cobblestone generators and crushers, the Pyramid challenge has been reset to its original material requirements.

    Upcoming Servers


    Soon, we will be launching a new server, an old-fashioned Vanilla server. This server will have no economy, essentials, warps, homes, pvp togglers, staff/vip/donator perks, or anything of the sort. It will have grief prevention (claims will be allowed in the Nether, unlike Main), and cosmetics, but essentially nothing else. Chat will still be connected with the other servers. THIS IS NOT A MAIN REPLACEMENT, IT IS A SEPARATE SERVER CONCEPT.

    • Server will be set in hard mode
    • Mobgriefing will be enabled
    • The rate at which you gain claim blocks will be much slower than Main
    • Claims will decay and regen after 3 months of inactivity, unless you have more than 10000 claim blocks
    • Griefing and raiding will be allowed outside of claims.
    • This server will reset at shorter intervals than other servers
    • Players will be able to transfer their builds to Main when the server rests, possibly through the Main WE policy.


    Our Minigames server will also be starting development soon. We are aiming for a mid-May launch (Minecraft’s 10th birthday). If you would like to suggest an event for the server, let us know

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