Adminshop Expansion

    We've massively expanded the Adminshop on skyblock. If you haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet, go do so! You can buy and sell most items ingame! It's a great way to sell your excess stuff for Skyblock MTC!

    March Madness Spleef Tournament

    Have you wanted to play Saturday Night Spleef, but never been able to? Or do you just like spleef, and want to get more of it? If so, the March Madness Spleef Tournament is for you! For those of you unfamiliar, March Madness is a college basketball tournament famous for it's unpredictability. Every year, there are upsets all around, and Cinderella teams making underdog runs to the later round. It's a ton of fun. I encourage everyone to sign up for this tournament! March Madness is known for upsets!

    Every participant will be seeded and divided into a region. There will be 4 regions, the Alexandria, Aetherion, Treetop, and AMSF regions. The winners of these 4 regions will face off in the Final Four, which will be held at Kotapuri Spleef Stadium. Each matchup in the regional rounds will be a best of 5, and during the final four will be a best of 7.


     1st: 5000 MTC, 3 cosmetic keys

    2nd: 3000 MTC, 2 cosmetic keys

    3rd: 1500 MTC, 1 cosmetic key

    The winner for each individual matchup will get a 500 MTC bonus as well!

    This is a great way to earn MTC on Main! Signups close next Monday (March 11) at 10 PM ET! I will seed and release the bracket with matchups the next day, and the tournament will start! Don't worry about missing the tournament, as there will be not set times for matchups, just get them done as soon as you can. If you're interested, post in this thread, or message me ingame or on discord!

    Other Events

    Finally, be sure to check out Flowerpower UHC tomorrow at 8 PM ET, and Knockback on Thursday at the same time! Prizes for both are 2000 MTC and 3 keys for 1st, 1500 MTC and 2 keys for 2nd, and 1000 and one key for 3rd!

    - MT Administration

    Top Voters February

    1. pak229 (221 votes)
    2. Abaddon9 (151 votes)
    3. Pondlady (128 votes)

    Prizes have been sent out! Go out and /vote for Minetown!

    - MT Administration

    Christmas Build Event Results

    The Christmas Build Event has finally been judged! Here are the results!

    1. Gizer / Rodney_Mc_Kay       
    2. ztyler97
    3. SarcasticRavens

    Additionally, we will be running multiple events for prizes this week! We will run a UHC event at 8 PM ET on Tuesday (the 19th) and a Knockback event at the same time on Thursday (the 21st)! More info on prizes can be found on the event calendar!

    - MT Administration

    Top Voters January

    1. pak229 (185 votes)
    2. Rodney_Mc_Kay (130 votes)
    3. Abaddon9 (128 votes)

    Prizes have been sent out! Go out and /vote for Minetown!

    - MT Administration

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