Minecraft has been updated to 1.4.6 and now Minetown has as well. With all major updates there will always be a couple of bugs that need fixing. Please report them as we can not fix them if we do not know they are there.


    As the Minecraft scene gets older and evolves, some things change and some others must be adapted. For the past ~2 years, Minetown always been a "closed community", where membership, gained thru application approval, was required to play on our worlds.

    This system allowed us to build a much more mature, and also of better quality, community than others as the "bad members" were rejected. Although, this way of functioning also been "a nuisance" under some other aspects by cutting down a lot of potential members, ending up in reducing our playerbase drastically.

    To keep up with the scene and with the impressive amount of servers there are nowadays, something had to be done about this, but without affecting what made Minetown was it is today and destroying what took 2 years to achieve.

    It is in this state of mind that the following concept was developed, to expand Minetown's horizons without ruining what has already been made.

    Introducing the Minetown Wildlands!

    A brand new and unique world that is playable without any membership and offering a "vanilla-esqe" experience. The Wildlands are rendered using a custom generator which will create a Minecraft world like never seen before.

    The Wildlands are also branched with the PlotWorld where you can safely build your home. You can travel between the two by using the commands: "/go plotworld - /go wildlands".

    Visit it now !

    The ranks of the member worlds do not transpose to the Wildlands and few other details are still being decided.

    Please report bug(s) here if you encounter any.

    More stuff to come in the next days & weeks.

    See you!

    Hey guys,

    The server is now updated to 1.3.1 !

    We are running on a development build of bukkit so there will be some bugs, glitches and lag and possible crashes.

    Everything should get better in the next days as updates comes out.

    Please report any bug(s) you encounter in this thread.

    We will be expanding the world in the next days as well, once everything is more stable and less laggy.

    Villager trading is currently not disabled, but we are pondering on the topic. So profit of this time to trade with them; they are the only way to obtain emeralds at the moment.

    Villager trading is now disabled for an undetermined period of time. Some players managed to get ­~2400 emeralds during the ~60 minutes it was enabled... only by trading. Some players on other servers reported obtaining 600 diamonds in 12 hours from trading...
    We will be re-enabling villager trading once we can tweak it with the bukkit API.
    If you feel like expressing your opinion on the topic, you can do it here.

    See you !

    It took us longer than expected due to our custom plugins and to our large map conversion, but the main server has finally been updated to v1.2.3.

    The petitions have been reset, if you had one open before the update, please reopen it.

    The world border has been expanded by 2000 blocks, it now goes up to 13500.

    Please report any bug you may encounter on this thread:

    Multiverse is temporarily disabled, it was causing issues. (guestworld, eventworld, skylands)
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