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Welcome to the new minetown.net!
Minetown • Dec 15th, 2023 • 2 minute read

Hey all! We've been hard at work on our new website since Enjin shut down last spring. Today, we're excited to release it to you! We would like to welcome you all to the new and improved Minetown website!

A lot has changed with the new website! Everything on here has been completely redesigned with up-to-date software. No longer is the site built upon an ancient forum software run by a neglectful company, but instead is a site we fully control hosted on our own hardware! This means we are able to fully customize it as we like, and won't have to worry about having to move because our forum host wants to shill NFTs.

With this move, several new features have been added! For one, we have finally moved into the 2010s and added proper mobile support! You can now access the site on your phone without everything breaking! Additionally, an entirely new registration system has been added, which allows you to link your forum and Discord accounts together! You will need to create an account to post anywhere on the forums.

We have also refreshed the site layout. We have consolidated the forum sections down, and removed the long unused sections. A dedicated ban appeal section has also been added, which can be directly accessed through mt.gg/appeal. Other old shortlinks (such as mt.gg/rules) will still work as well.

Now, there's still some things we're working on. Some of the WIP features include:

  • The old forums haven't been lost forever, and will be added as a read-only archive. You won't be able to comment or add anything to these, but you will be able to view all of your old posts.
  • We will be adding guides covering the basics of each server to the different server forums.
  • The shop is still being configured, and will be added very soon.

We hope you all enjoy the new site!

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