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[E] ??????
[E] ??????
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over 8 years ago
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over 2 years ago
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I think that there should be an auto toggle for particle effects and arrow effects as soon as you join the server (just like /glow). I also think that these particles should auto toggle when you come back from the nether or the end. It's very tedious and just not worth the effort to re toggle everything whenever I come back from end or nether.
over 2 years ago
Username:QuietsHelper When you were banned : Sometime 2017 (Im pretty sure) Person who banned you:-Bacon Reason you were banned: Fly Hacking I didn't think that boat flying at spawn would get me in trouble but it did.I have come to terms with what I did wrong over this long period of being banned from the server.I feel I should be unbanned because I really miss this server and want a second chance at playing it.
over 5 years ago
There is a problem with fire arrows I have my pvp off and they still damage me its just with the fire arrows
over 7 years ago
Does anyone here play destiny rise of iron on a ps4?
over 7 years ago
Could you expand the market some I need a plot for my shop
over 7 years ago