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[E] MatthewIsAnApple [1]
[E] MatthewIsAnApple [1]
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over 3 years ago
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about 1 year ago
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Hiya nevr4gt! Long time no see! Last time we met... I think I banned for you for what, half a year? Respect for coming back, but I see you've already been banned again. Let's see here. ""I was banned for: x-raying. I Wont do it ever again. I have a bad reputation but I promise I will never do it again. Please accept my request. It is the only server I enjoy playing with my friends with. I will never use x-rays again. I just uninstalled them. I'm very sorry about my action." Alright, let's see. Banned 7 times, muted 18 times. Let's be fair, you have less bans than Everrius. So let's be fair here, and look through your stuff and see what's going on. We'll go through five of each, shall we? Bans: 1. Harassment 2. TP Trapping 3. Greifing 4. Swearing 5. Xraying We don't have to go through the mutes. You've not learned a single lesson in over 25 times with a warning. Most people barely get two! In conclusion, we have thoroughly reviewed your appeal and your most recent bans, and seen that over the course of most than a year, you have not learned a single lesson. Thanks for visiting the server, but you are not welcome back anymore <3.
over 2 years ago
I'm especially scared of the one they call "BumpyBob0007," I have heard the stories of where the other six have ended up, and seeing as this one has been around a while, I do not want to be around to witness the beginning of BumpyBob0008.
over 2 years ago
I would spam amongus in chat until I get muted, then mute evade until I get banned. Sorry Pogger, I know I stole your idea </3
over 2 years ago