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[E] Patch
[E] Patch
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over 9 years ago
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Well players can always spend 5k to get a player head if they want it that badly. Although I do agree it is extremely annoying and spammy. #MAKEOHTENMODAGAIN!
over 7 years ago
@1086959 wrote: Bring back mcmmo and make it scale very slowly. This in my opinion is the best way to reward active player time. I used to 100% agree with this but since joining back again I do not think it is needed. Besides mcmmo doesn't have much have an effect until you get to higher levels. It also takes away from the vanilla feel.
over 7 years ago
@9080190 wrote: I miss hunger games, skywars, star pvp...those are the main ones I played on agharta. Perhaps give ml warps for markets like before to streamline warp list? Otherwise with the warps, make the warps named "shop <shopname>, then all the shops are in the S area of the warp list instead of all over....strongly agree with Sarazil, example /warp shopsupplyshop /warp shopbookshop, /warp ml1, /warp ml2; maybe even /warp ml<playername> I could not agree more Andy! Star pvp was the biggest hit game for a long time on Agharta. Also the issue with /warp list having 10 pages is absolutely crazy. I am not sure if there is a way to properly implement this but it would be really handy, instead of saying /warp list (page#) we can do /warp list market or /warp list players to see all the personal warps and market warps on two separate lists. @9080190 wrote: What ever happened to the zombie server krisz and xk_cortex ?? That would make a great side server if ever released. I demoed it and it was great fun! What if playing on skyblock to reach a certain level would reward mtc on main? Each level you gain some, or something like that to keep the servers tied together--the servers side servers should have some cross server rewards. Cross server rewards for skyblock would be good, or even a tag that can be obtained for doing all of the challenges would probably get people to cross servers. If these two ideas, gaining MTC from skyblock levels and a zombie server, would really spice things up for the community. The main problem I see with the zombie server is that after player it for so long you would get bored of it. That is why I suggest we make it a periodic thing, some time the management announces when it will happen or it's a surprise to keep the community on their toes and encourage players to make the best of it while it is there. With the skyblock leveling idea I think there could be so much more added to this than just MTC. Many players do not really care of MTC and wouldn't spend the time consuming task of leveling up on skyblock to maintain it. I suggest we use MTC or cosmetic rewards like Andy said most of the time but for holidays/events make special rewards. These can vary from limited cosmetic items to maybe a special area at spawn for the highest players. There is so much more you can elaborate on with this and I strongly believe it would make the server not only more fun but more popular to. Minetown has never been you average survival server so why don't why try to make ourselves a little more unique without running the risk of ruining the pure survival experience for those who want it. @9080190 wrote: Too many people get bored with SMP...we should implement challenges such as what kosa programmed for skyblock, except for much harder to achieve anything good. Keeping people interested in SMP is hard without a goal for them to reach. Obtainable ranks ranging from newbie to expert and beyond would give them something to work towards through challenges. I believe working for the rank and a nice reward at the end challenge would keep many people around for awhile. Possible even to give a new kit along the way for some of the ranks that they can obtain by working hard. I love the idea of having ranks, although new players are not always newbies as they could be from Agharta but their first time on Main. Starting with Recruit or something more neutral seems more fitting to me. As someone who has played SMP for a long time and takes periodic breaks I understand where the boredom comes from. Not only is keeping people engaged hard but making them want to keep playing after they think they have done it all is even harder. Friendly competition is a great way to do this, but not to make ranks/rewards come too quickly as survival takes a long time and so some most rewards. Even the idea of rewards based on a certain amount of active playtime on the server would be really cool. I imagine it working similar to your average play time statistic except it turns off when the player either goes afk. Would love to hear what you guys think. P.S. sorry if this is considered a mini thread necro since no one posted in a while <object class="emojione" data="https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f61b.svg?0" type="image/svg+xml" standby=":p">:p</object>
over 7 years ago
1. Minecraft Username: Patch324 2. Age: 16 | My birth date is August 2nd, 2000. 3. Timezone (please use GMT if you live outside of North America): Eastern Standard 4. Hours per week you play on Minetown Main (Average): Approximately 16-20 hours per week. This time varies on my schedule and holidays. 5. How long have you been a player on Minetown: I joined Minetown on March 23rd 2013 and joined the forums March 24th 2013. (Note: The forum account I am on now is not the one I originally joined on.) 7. Have you ever been banned before? Why?: No. 9. Have you spoken much on Minetown Discord?: On the Discord server, not all too much. I use to be extremely active on the teamspeak server and look forward to getting more involved in Discord. 10. Why do you think you will make a good member for the event team? Explain: I think that I would make a good member for the even team because I love coming up with new and creative ideas for community members to enjoy. I use to look up to and admire many of the old ET members like Adam and Mischy and get really excited to participate in events they would make. Outside of Minecraft I am really into puzzles and 3D modeling, both of these areas can be used to create fun and entertaining events for all community members to enjoy. I can work well with my fellow event team members and the entirety of the staff team and player community to make events that people want to play and listen to feedback to improve already existing games or revamp old ones. Some ideas that I would be interested in bringing to the table are weekly or bi-weekly meetings in which even team members get in discord and talk among community members and themselves to brainstorm ideas and have it as a dedicated time to work out any bugs with events as a group. Creating holiday based events would absolutely be one of my top priorities as an event team member, one of these that I would be seriously interested in pursuing would be a giant Easter egg hunt. I have plenty of more ideas but do not want to make this application go one for too long but if you are interested in hearing more feel free to ask me. 11. Additional info you would like to tell us?: Most newer community members will not know who I am nor remember, those who do will remember me as the immature little trouble maker of Minetown. I can promise that I am no longer that person. I logged onto Minetown for the first time in over 233 days (i checked with an ult) today and during the period that I did play those 233 days ago it was only for about a week. But this time it was amazing. I fell immediately back in love with the server and the community as a whole. During that long period of time I focused my energy on school and my job at a school and quit gaming. I am now re-energized to play again and can not wait to see what the future holds. On a quick side note, I would like to take this time to apologize to anyone who I annoyed or wronged in my past time on the server. That person is not the person and am today and will not be the person I am tomorrow. Also the application questions have numbers that are not ordered properly <object class="emojione" data="https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f61b.svg?0" type="image/svg+xml" standby=":p">:p</object> Thank you for taking your time to read my application, Patch324 | Patrick
over 7 years ago
So I have 3 skeleton horses and they are fenced into a small area. The leads that they are attached to keep breaking and not being on the ground. I am unsure of what the cause is and if it is a bug but I thought it would be worth posting.
over 8 years ago