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[E] Pljz
[E] Pljz
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Ontvlambaar Feel free to DM myself, BumpyBob0007 or Lampbork . We've resolved the issue on our end, would be glad to help. Easiest way to contact me is through discord, Prova#3708.
over 6 years ago
Seeing as we re-opened the server as a museum on Minetown itself, we are no longer supporting the download. You can join the server and fly around in spectator mode to visit locations/warps/homes/etc by typing "/server classic" on any of Minetown's servers. /Locked
over 7 years ago
Welcome back!
over 7 years ago
@970246 wrote: Have you ever seen this mod? http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2559399-dungeons-mod It gives you an idea of what I mean by dungeons-- Paces for adventure! Also, instead of just dropping things in drop parties, you can have the same things hidden in these dungeons. You can even have something set up in spawn to collect items from players that want to donate cool stuff for the event! The problem with something like this, is that Minetown's survival servers have always been as close to vanilla as it could be while generally keeping the playstyle more fun with things like an economy, and easier travel. Adding in something like dungeons(in my opinion), would ruin that feel. Instead of mining and collecting resources, players would just do dungeon raids... effectively defeating the purpose of it being survival.
over 7 years ago
Welcome to the community!
over 7 years ago