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[E] Zionia
[E] Zionia
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over 12 years ago
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1. Minecraft Ingame Name: Zionia000 2. Age: 31 3. Timezone (please use GMT if you live outside of North America): EST 4. Hours per week you play on Minetown Main (Average): 15 5. How long have you been in Minetown: October 2012 6. Any close friends you play with on Minetown?: Irethena, bumpy, scotty, most of the staff, most of the older community. 7. Have you ever been banned before? Why?: Yes, Accidental Griefing back in 2012. Issue was resolved with jail time and compensation for losses. Jail turned into a server wide party. was amusing. 8. Do you have any previous or current experience with Minecraft administration? (Please Explain): I have been on staff since december of 2012 active the majority of the time until the last year due to work time restraints, but this is no longer an issue. Have held every staff rank short of owner at some point or another. 9. Have you spoken much on Minetown Discord?: Yes...now my gender is less of a mystery...though still a major debate 10. Why do you think you will make a good moderator on Minetown? Explain: yes. I keep myself very neutral in dealing with conflicts and am good at communicating issues amongst staff and players. I am on most nights and am able to hop on quickly to deal with issues any time i am at home. I am active on discord all day to offer support as well. 11. Additional info you would like to tell us?: Beware the foxes...they will be coming in 1.14...and no one will be safe from me then...muahahaha
over 5 years ago
unless you were already on probation before being banned, you should be fine. your restock date was the 14th, so unless you run out of buy sign stock, you wont hit probation until the 28th, and from then have 2 weeks to fix any issues.
over 7 years ago
With the dust starting to settle from the major change in upper management, we have decided it is best to bring up a new class of players to join us on the Moderation Team. The players who we are bringing up have been very active and engaged with our community of late and I am pleased to announce the following members as our newest staff members. WeathermanScott DrQuestions CyborgFromHell Beckieball Combyte I am also very pleased to announce that after showing proven dedication and effort in growing our community, we are promoting RubberChicken to as well! Unfortunately, we also have a member of our staff team that will be stepping down. Due to lack of time and life being a pain in the bum (as it always is so good at being) Lucaslower is stepping down to the position. Thank you for your time with us, and we hope everything works out well for you. If you missed the earlier announcement, we have had a major change in the upper management of MineTown.Your new are Bumpy, Crush, Lampbork, and Zionia (Beware the humps). Kosa PL and Jared are still helping out from a more back-end support position (le murr) as . Because of the change in management, there are likely to be some changes and updates happening with the server in hopes to make it even better and draw in some new faces. As always, any suggestions by you are most welcome and will always be reviewed. One change we are currently working on is a reconstruction of the former Team into something more active in promoting for our server. While still under development, the newly constructed Team will begin doing some awesomesauce stuff soon! Welcome to the beginnings of the soon to grow team TheJokerIsOnYou! Congratz to everyone! Welcome to the team and we hope you will enjoy your time with us and help us to push towards a better MineTown! Stay tuned for future developments as we move on to a new age of MineTown! TL;DR: Congratz to WeathermanScott, DrQuestions, CyborgFromHell, Beckieball, Combyte TheJokerIsOnYou and RubberChicken on staff promotions. Lucaslower Retired. Many Humps. Support Teams getting Makeovers!
over 7 years ago
While I do understand that there are methods such as you describe and you may have been perfectly in the right and just gotten lucky and happened to be caught in luck, the evidence that we have based on how we catch xray griefing is what I have to go on. Because you have been cooperative with me and other testaments I have received tend to lead you to someone who is not necessarily one out to be a cheater, I will reduce the ban to a temporary ban for 2 weeks from the initial appeal date. Please poke a member of staff on or after October 25th to be unbanned and refer to this appeal if needed. If you have any questions, you may send me a message here in the forums or on discord. Please be aware that should you use methods that can be perceived as xray in the future, this is a possibility again and we will not be able to be lenient for future offenses. ~Locked
over 7 years ago
I will be handling this appeal. Please give me a bit to look further into the situation and i will get back to you later this evening.
over 7 years ago