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[E] dteandy
[E] dteandy
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over 10 years ago
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about 1 year ago
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Username: Dteandy Requested warp name: Spider Coordinates: 1247 56 -440 This is a safe cave spider spawner we no longer need due to one right under our base. I have made the chests public
over 2 years ago
Username: dteandy Requested warp name: Mall Short description of the area: our mall that we built in the span area. Has many items in stock. I am working on adding the remainder of items. several sell signs are set up. Cords 156, 83, -113
over 2 years ago
Agree with mini games, I miss hunger games, skywars, star pvp...those are the main ones I played on agharta. Perhaps give ml warps for markets like before to streamline warp list? Otherwise with the warps, make the warps named "shop <shopname>, then all the shops are in the S area of the warp list instead of all over....strongly agree with Sarazil, example /warp shopsupplyshop /warp shopbookshop, /warp ml1, /warp ml2; maybe even /warp ml<playername>... Our old event server use to have a bunch of player ran things too, which at the time I was staff to jump around and thru them all the signs were all broken due to craftbook and server updates, but surely someone knows someone that knows what was there before and what it did. Hard to determine now since the old event server was removed :/ A mob event would be fun. asta tried to do it on agharta, and possibly here too, but with spawners its much easier to accomplish the goal. Put a bunch of spawners in a maze of some sorts and last one living wins would be fun; just dont make a spawner spawn armor stands or you WILL crash the server, just FYI from past experience <object class="emojione" data="https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f61b.svg?0" type="image/svg+xml" standby=":p">:p</object> Kosa probably remembers this. This is a fun website to make things interesting https://mcstacker.bimbimma.com/ you can add different armors and hp attributes to them to make it more challenging. What ever happened to the zombie server krisz and xk_cortex ?? That would make a great side server if ever released. I demoed it and it was great fun! What if playing on skyblock to reach a certain level would reward mtc on main? Each level you gain some, or something like that to keep the servers tied together--the servers side servers should have some cross server rewards. Cross server rewards for skyblock would be good, or even a tag that can be obtained for doing all of the challenges would probably get people to cross servers. Too many people get bored with SMP...we should implement challenges such as what kosa programmed for skyblock, except for much harder to achieve anything good. Keeping people interested in SMP is hard without a goal for them to reach. Obtainable ranks ranging from newbie to expert and beyond would give them something to work towards through challenges. I believe working for the rank and a nice reward at the end challenge would keep many people around for awhile. Possible even to give a new kit along the way for some of the ranks that they can obtain by working hard. Its bed time so that's all I have for now <object class="emojione" data="https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f642.svg?0" type="image/svg+xml" standby=":)">:)</object>
over 7 years ago