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[E] forlel
[E] forlel
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over 12 years ago
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about 1 year ago
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Have any decisions been bade as to when the next vanilla reset is occuring? if it is coming soon, can I get my builds moved to main?
over 2 years ago
The download link isn't working. Is there any chance of a new link that does work? I would very much like to visit my old home away from home.
over 7 years ago
OK...now that there is a new skyblock, is there any chance of a download link for the old skyblock? like you did for classic? I would like a copy of my builds on that now defunct server.
over 8 years ago
any updates?
over 9 years ago
I was wondering about the status of the skyblock server. If it is dead with no hope of revival, would it be possible to put it up somewhere where people could download the data?
over 9 years ago