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Spreadthefaith/Faithhopelove Date- around the first week of august Who banned- Honestly forgot, I think Bumpy Reasons I was banned: Multiple reasons I believe. I was on a short rope before I got banned. I tried to be a positive influence, and I took it too far. I would talk to people like we were real life friends, and try to teach kids whether is was positive or not, and I realize now that's not right. Even though I had no bad intentions, or malicious intent, I would never want another person trying to influence and teach my kid. It took a little while for me to understand that. I thought I was doing a good thing, being a positive influence to the best of my ability. I am a flawed human with both light and dark inside. Sometimes the dark came out, I take full responsibility for my actions and for this I am so so so so damn sorry. A movie that I recently watched portrays this situation well(a Bronx tale). I apologize for my bad conduct with all my heart ^this was the thin rope I was on before I got banned Official reason for ban: Doxing myself. I had a panic/anxiety attack and stupidly decided to seek comfort or advice or idk what from discord chat. I was in a situation, and sent a unnecessary and non-game related pictures and dialogue of the dumb situation. Dumbest thing ever. I'm ashamed. A day or 2 prior, I had my wisdom teeth taken out and had some complications. The meds they gave me were really strong and screwed me up and made me a doofus. I still take full responsibility, these excuses don't matter becuz I still did it. I'm so sorry, I should have known better. (I also apologize to the people in discord chat who had to put up with my dumb drama, please forgive me for this) Another reason- there was a situation after I got banned in which I spoke to a manager and asked him to write for me for a sum of money. I see how someone could see that as bribery. I consider myself a man of faith and if I did something wrong, I will take full on responsibility for my actions. In this case, I swear to God I had no intention of bribing anyone. I always wanted to ask this person to write for me cuz he is a brilliant writer. My brainless and ignorant self didn't consider the timing of this. I can be a moron sometimes and my timing is horrible. I truly had no intentions of bribery. I'm sorry. I can't enjoy minecraft anymore without Minetown. I truly truly love Minetown. Minetown to me, is Minecraft. I loved all the people, I loved the world and every nook n cranny in that beautiful world. I would always even thank the managers for creating and maintaining such a world . Man, I hope what I'm about to say isn't considered "bribing" becuz I'm truly not trying to do that. When you get in trouble with the law in RL, you get fines and punishments/probation and parole. If I were to be accepted back into this world that I love so much, I will accept a great amount of community service. I will do any community service that the managers say even if that means being a rail road worker and building all the roads of minetown. Just say jump and I'll say how high. I also have been voting everyday, so I would pay for the roads or community service work myself. Or even donate it to MT charity if there is any. Fine me any amount. I won't take any of the money I voted for thus far. I will play and vote every single day just to pay my dues. I will even stand in Minetown jail for a long time if I have too. I'll do anything. I just want to come back. That's all I want. These are the changes I would make and apply to my life in Minetown, my character and my persona. If you were to give me a chance, I will be the perfect example of a rehabilitated banned player. I would keep to myself to the best of my ability, I will think before I talk. I won't involve myself in situations, I will not cause any drama. I will keep my personal life out of game, I will not cross any game/life lines. I will be an ideal rehabilitated player. Minetown managers and people. I say this with a tear in my eye, I'M SORRY. IM SO SO SO SO SO SO DAMN SORRY. I need a break. Life hasn't been easy and I just need this. I want to be in Minetown. I'm begging you for another chance. I need this. Please have mercy on me. Give me a chance and I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN. -Sincerely, Spreadthefaith/Faithhopelove PS. Minetown players and managers, I am sorry. I truly am. Please give me a chance to rectify my mistakes. I love you all. There is no place like Minetown. Minetown=Minecraft
over 2 years ago
Ok, Sorry.
over 3 years ago
One question how long will my ban be after you shorten it?
over 3 years ago
I understand and this will will not happen again.
over 3 years ago
Quote: I am sorry for stealing I did not think twice before taking his stuff. Next time i will think more carefully and choose a better choice. Again I am very sorry for stealing his stuff and it will not happen again. I will take time to think about my actions and what effect it had on the server. Again I am very sorry for my actions. ============= Username: HarlanBoi When you were banned : Tuesday, July 20, 2021 Person who banned you: I don't know Reason you were banned: I stole in the overworld. =============
over 3 years ago