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Click here to read the Special Rules for Vehicles Reply to this thread using the following format: Username: Vehicle Name: Vehicle Class: Home Berth Coordinates (Ship should be built within): Afterwards, a Staff member will inspect your request and will contact you regarding any issues with the request or cost. Do not make a ticket in game or contact a Staff member once your request has been made. If your Vehicle/Ship is not built within your home berth, it should be still be built close by. Please specify both coords if necessary.
16 days ago
World Edits If you want to remove a large amount of blocks or move a structure you built to a different location, this thread is made for you. By paying a little MTC, you can request a World Edit and do these things automatically. You can imagine it like a robot that breaks or places blocks for you. However, like with a robot, if the World Edit request, places additional blocks in the world that weren't there before, you have to have the items ready to place them. What a World Edit can do for you A World Edit can do the following things: Clone a structure that's built somewhere on the Minetown Network in a new location. (For example: assembling a structure you build on Creative in Idarun) Remove a large quantity of blocks. (Examples: Removing a mountain, making a big hole) Fill in an area with the same block. (Example: Building a big flat area out of grass) Moving an existing structure to a different place on the same server. Price In general, the large your world edit is, the price per block gets lower. However, if the minimum cost is 10,000 MTC. This means that if you are, for example, trying to get a World Edit to place 10 blocks, you will still need to pay 10,000 MTC. The price for a World Edit is calculated by the following equation: For an easy way to calculate the price of a WorldEdit, visit: https://mt.gg/worldedit-calculator/ Special Rules for Vehicles A vehicle can be land, water, and sea based craft. All vehicles must be certified prior to being moved. There are two types of vehicles - Unity and Passenger Craft & Millitary and Capital Vehicles Unity and Passenger Craft (UPC): Unity and passenger craft have a maximum size of 40x20x10 and can contain at most 2000 blocks. These vehciles can be moved 6 times a month with a ticket, regardless of context. Military and Capital Vehicles (MCV): Any vehicle larger than 40x20x10 is a military or capital vehicle and can only be moved during events. These vehicles have a maximum size of 100x50x30 and can contain at most 10000 blocks. Price: The price for vehicles is calculated differently from the price of a regular World Edit. Certifying a vehicle costs 10 MTC per block. There is not a price for moving a vehicle, as long as all other policies are followed. Home Berth: Every vehicle needs a home berth containing an empty cuboid with only the vehicle in it. Placement: Vehicles can only be placed in areas their size with empty air. Storage on the vehicle is NOT preserved. Additionally, you must either have permission to place your vehicle in the area, or have enough claim blocks for the destination claim. We reserve the right to place the vehicle in any orientation/position necessary. Additionally, it has to be realistic that the vehicle can travel to the new location. A water-based vehicle cannot travel to an ocean on the other side of the map if the water is not connected. Design: Vehicles need to contain recognizable signs of mobility relevant to their type, and be recognizable as vehicles of some kind. You can't build a solid cube and call it a vehicle Other Restrictions: No entities, no blocks that attach to other blocks (signs, lanterns, carpet, etc.), and no refunds. Making a Request To request a World Edit, create a ticket detailing what kind of World Edit you want done. A staff member will contact you when your ticket is processed and will work out the details with you. Please make sure that you have done all of the preparations (getting materials, knowing you want copied where, etc.).
6 months ago
Read the following: Idarun Warp Reservation Guidelines Reply to this thread using the following format: Username: Warp Name: Coordinates: Short description of the area/Screenshot(s): Disclaimer: Staff reserves the right to deny any request. Do not respond to other requests made by players, general posting rules apply.
10 months ago
Read the following before posting: Idarun Claim Guidelines Reply to this thread using the following format: Username: Claim coordinates: Original claim owner: Reason you want the claim: Proof you contacted the claim owner: Disclaimer: Staff reserves the right to deny any request. Do not respond to other requests made by players, general posting rules apply. Please do not use Discord as an Image Host, either upload your screenshots through an image host or on the forum.
10 months ago
Create a new thread with the following format: Minecraft Username: Discord Username: When you were banned: Staff member who banned you: Reason you were banned: If you don't know who banned you put: N/A Please provide as much information as you can to help clear your case. Example: Minecraft Username: The_Winter_LordDiscord Username: minetownWhen you were banned: December 2023Staff member who banned you: N/A Reason you were banned: Griefing  
11 months ago