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[Enjin Archive] Minetown Public Warps Reservation Thread
Started by [E] BumpyBob0007

Thread moved here.


Server supported public warps maintained by players and advertised for public use. Warps may be featured in server messages, menus, or on the website.
Public warps are different and fall under stricter standards than normal warps. The player does not own the warp name, it is only loaned to them until they go inactive, forfeit it or another work is deemed a better fit for that warp name.
Public warps cost $1000 MTC and are non-refundable. To request a public warp, post your public works project in the forum thread with any relevant data. If approved, your account will be debited and the warp will be allocated.

The general rules for these warp are as follows:

  • Must be free to use, provide access to a source of farmed mob items, and be free of traps and potential hazards (open pits, lava, etc). This means that reserved warps cannot be placed in the nether or end (not that there can be no warps in the nether or end though).
  • Must provide public access to containers
  • Must feature a sign for who to contact in case of items lost in collectors. Player sponsoring warp must be active and able to respond to requests in a timely manner, or forfeit the warp.
  • Must provide a minimum of 25% of drops to player.

The list of reserved warp names, along with any warp-specific rules, are listed below.

Reserved Warps:

Concrete: Public concrete facility

Creeper: Public creeper farm

Drowned: Public drowned farm

End: Public end portal

Enchant: Public enchanting facility

  • Must be free to use, provide access to at least one maxed enchanting table, grindstone and a supply of anvils. Must be free of traps and potential hazards (open pits, lava, mob spawns, etc).
  • Sponsor may sell books, lapis and other related materials and provide a source of exp, but this is not the main purpose of the warp.

Flower: Public flower farm

Furnace: Public smelting facility

  • Must include at least 3 of each type (smoker, normal, and blast) of furnace
  • Must automatically replenish the fuel in each furnace

Guardian: Public guardian farm

Iron: Public iron farm

Mall: Server sponsored mall spot

  • Awarded to the most complete and active shop on the server.
  • Must have at least 75% of obtainable items in stock at all times.
  • Must both buy and sell items, and prices must remain relatively consistent with server item values.

Skeleton: Public skeleton farm

Slime: Public slime farm

Spider: Public spider farm

Mob: Public mixed mob farm

Witch: Public witch farm

Xp: Public xp farm

Zombie: Public zombie farm

Unusable warps:
These warps may not be purchased by anyone.

  • Arena
  • City
  • Exp
  • Hub
  • Lore
  • Market
  • PVP
  • Shop
  • Spawn
  • Store
  • Town

Warp Reservation Format:
Please follow this format when replying to this post
Warp You Are Requesting:

(HostileWaffles) Idk why it's displaying an old name.

I would love to host the /warp enchant spot at my base. I have a lovely library set up with an enchantment table, anvils, and a grindstone. There will also be books for sale at the library too once the shop plugin is added. The coordinates are 4339 131 -2420 and an emerald block has been placed to show where id like the warp to be. The enchantment table is up the stairs from this. If this is too far, you can gladly put the warp in front of the enchantment table. Thank you.
META would be proud to host /warp xp

Our guardian farm is fully operational and meets all requirements. For now it functions as an XP farm only, but will soon have a full enchantment room and may provide a portion of farmed prismarine to players running it.

Coordinates for the warp are -2297 13 -208

would be happy to host /warp Zombie.

I have a nice little area setup(not too much going on since it is at bedrock). It functions as a zombie farm for drops(mainly being rotten flesh) and it works as an xp farm as well. It meets all requirements and it also has 2 spawners incorporated which idk if it increases rates or anything, but it is there. Redstone blocks are placed to show where I would like the warp to be(feel free to change or move it if there are any inconveniences). I have 3 signs in front of the warp to give information to users of the farm, simple rules, and what to do if items are lost.

Coordinates for the warp are: 4534 -60 -1186

Screenshots: sent in discord(trouble with attaching)

Username: Special_Target

Requested warp name: Stray

Coordinates: 3837, -11, 3463 (XYZ)

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/3VmaQH6

Short description of the area: I turned a skeleton spawner into a stray exp type farm and would like to request a public warp for it, drops will be 100% to the player to grab. (chose to go this route so people can use looting swords and retrieve lot items with little hassle.) This farm is NOT the most efficient, but until a better one can be constructed I would like to offer mine to the public. I have placed a gold block where I felt warp would be best and black carpet where player should stand to kill strays.
Warp Reservation Format: Please follow this format when replying to this post
Username: Bearded_Avenger
Requested warp name: Blaze
Coordinates: -1792/60/4140
Screenshot: 0voD1ao.png
Short description of the area:
Family friendly Blaze farm! Get the xp and drops! Comes with anvil, Enderchest, crafting table and some nice decor!
Username: dteandy
Requested warp name: Mall
Short description of the area: our mall that we built in the span area. Has many items in stock. I am working on adding the remainder of items. several sell signs are set up. Cords 156, 83, -113
Username: Dteandy
Requested warp name: Spider
Coordinates: 1247 56 -440

This is a safe cave spider spawner we no longer need due to one right under our base. I have made the chests public