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[Enjin Archive] [Not Serious] Weird Discussion Question
Started by [E] Chatroom64

You have 20 minutes to get yourself banned using only the materials you have on you, without leaving the chunk you are currently standing in. What do you do?
I'll go first. Since I'm in my house rn, really all I can do is wait for someone to come by and repeatedly toss my trident at them. Even that's not plausible bc the nearest player is 2,000 blocks away.
I would spam amongus in chat until I get muted, then mute evade until I get banned.

Sorry Pogger, I know I stole your idea </3
I'm going to say that chat violations do not count, since that's a low-hanging fruit.
A very simple one inappropriate builds *looks at TZN*

Download hacked client and start flying EZ