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[Enjin Archive] Ban appeal for CFthanatos
Started by [E] CFthanatos



When you were banned : 23/03/2023

Person who banned you: no idea

Reason you were banned: i was hacking


i recently joked on the server about making a bot way to kill phantoms cause they were so annoying and keept pushing me off while i was building , but then tought about it and made it, then after making and testing it in survival i forgot to take off the mod pack and wanted to see what else it could to (i created the phantom killing bot by modifing another client that i just installed for this exact purpos). i just tested out the flight hack and tought that it was very usefull that i didint have to build up every 2 sec, i know that this does not excuse my behavior and i do not intend to us this as an excuse.
i now realize how dumb and clueless this decision was and i regret creating the phantom killing bot and installing this client that i have now removed cause i know that i would love to continue playing on this server and would really apreciat it if i could be unbanned or possibly have a ban time reduction as this is the only server i play on and i have meat some truelly great ppl on it.

this is my first ever offence and i now again realize my mistake and that it was unfair of me to use this thing even for the littl amount of time that i did, as it was unfair for other players.

kind regards CFthanatos
We all don't like phantoms, but that doesn't mean that you can hack.

You were warned as soon as you brought this up that this was bannable. You even acknowledged that. Yet, you did it anyway.

It was minor, but it's still hacking. I need to know that you won't do something like this again.
Hello this message might seem a little unformilated as the other because I don’t have access to a good translation device.

even Tough it was but a minor infraction I do realize how dumb of me it was and do not plan to restart any of those dumb decisions( + I just realized that I could just of build a snow golem tower to kill them for me …) it was a really stupid mistake on my part and I assur you it will not happen again

sincierely CFthanatos
Have you clearly read through the rules? Are you sure that you won't do something like this again?

Not hacking should be clear, so I just want to make sure.
Yes I have now read the rules and I again insist on the fact that I will never do that dumb desicion of hacking again
Alright, I'm gonna shorten your ban. You will be unbanned two weeks from today.

This is the one time we'll be lenient with you. Get banned for anything again and it's extremely unlikely we will shorten it
Ok thank you very much for you time and effort taken to help me out.