1.13 Temp Server

    We have launched a temporary 1.13 server that can be accessed by connecting to the server with a 1.13 client. This is a temporary server, and will be removed once main is fully updated to 1.13, but it is a completely 1.13 server. It's chat and tab is connected with the other servers. As of now, it the only server compatible with 1.13, though we will make main/creative compatible as soon as we can. As this is a temporary server for a buggy update, many plugins are missing, and you are likely to run into bugs. Just report them to staff and we will help to the best we can. Same MT rules apply on it, and you can still claim land with claim blocks.

    Additionally, we are doing a build contest on the temp server! The best build on the temp server will be pasted onto main at the preference of the creator.

    -MT Administration

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