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[Enjin Archive] Events Team
Started by [E] Patch

Hey everyone!

I'm here on the forums today to bring up the idea of an old rank being brought back to life. The Events Team (Entertainers) was a staff group where players got special permissions in the event world to hold contest for players to get money or other rewards. As some of you may or may not know Ent+ and the Build Team ranks were removed when Managers became a staff rank in November. Build Team was added back under Leron's guidance. I think the event team and event world was a path that some of our staff today started on, look at where they are now! Money can be a time consuming task for players and often the jobs or activities aren't too fun, with events you play the games you know and love to earn money or other rewards. I think if we got the right staff member to lead the events team or manage it, that players and staff alike could have a great time! Another idea I had was making events on Agharta. Player made events can take a lot of time and the average player won't always be able to accomplish this goal. Events team could be allowed to make official events in Agharta.

Well let me know what you think and/or if it should be added.

Thanks and best regards,

The only issue I have with this is staff must fund all events they hold, money is not generated. That being said, more than half of our staff doesn't have the kind of MTC that most players want to win in order to come on and do events. Even when we were running them, unless third place received 25K no one participated...and thats just third place, 1st place had to be at least above 50K just to get more than two or three entrees. Even now, if we decide to run spleef or other events, without at least 10K going to the winner of one round we get only a few participants.

This might ahve been better posted on Kalel's suggestion thread on Surival In Agharta
I completely agree Nova.