If you're unfamiliar, March Madness is a college basketball tournament held in the US every year. In honor of it, we are going to run a spleef tournament. We encourage everyone to participate, even if you don't regularly play Saturday Night Spleef. It will be fun, and all you have to do is play a spleef game every couple of days.
This is a spleef tournament. There will be two regions, one at Aetherion and the other at Alexandria. Everyone who participates will be divided up into the two regions. The winner of each region will play a championship game at Kotapuri.

Each round will take place over a couple of days. The bracket will be released on Monday, March 12, and you have until that date at 7 PM ET to sign up. The first round will start immediately after the bracket is released, and each round will start immediately upon the conclusion of the previous one. Each game will be a best of 5, save for the championship, which will be a best of 7.

Again, this is by no means a huge time commitment, only a game occasionally. If you want to sign up, just comment in this thread, or message me on discord, or ingame. The list of current participants will be updated continuously on this page.
1st: 3500 MTC, 3 cosmetic keys, fully enchanted diamond shovel
2nd: 2500 MTC, 2 cosmetic keys
3rd: 1500 MTC, one key
4th: 1000 MTC